Zuhair Murad – HD | Haute Couture | Fall/Winter 2018/19 | Official Edit

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Надежда Лесникова says:

Какие худые, наверное, ничего не едят.

Annabelle Nonimous says:

The ones with pockets 😍

Jennifer Brewer says:

LOVE this collection!

Sian Price says:

The most beautiful collection I have ever seen. The fabrics and beading were spectacular. CONGRATULATIONS

Joanne Wilton says:

yes, princess dresses

Sandra Miller says:

Why don't they smile. The dresses were breathtaking.

Patrica Dyson says:

They really need to eat ,horrible looking bodies.No smile they look like Robuts No chest.They models back in the day were built had shape.They are so pale.

thebejaouia says:

tout est lourd !!!le contraire d ELIE Saab qui travaille sur la fluidité !!!

Fleur De Lys says:

Magnifique !

sara says:

ختامها مسك

Ella Larkin says:

I don't like brocade. And I didn't like this collection. I couldn't help but be reminded of playing dress-up in my Grandmother's old curtains when I was a little girl.

Deb Stein says:

Stopped watching after one minute. The models just don't look good. They're too skinny.

Rachel Hannah says:

First place most magnificent!

Hunter Koelzer says:

Love the red dresses

hayza nora says:

Si magnifique extraordinaire

mimicyin says:

OMG…. it's so stunninggggg… i wish i could have one 😂🤣😊

Jahnaa Hepburn says:

how can i like this more

Makyrie says:

And OH MY LORD!! The Queen, Bride that emerged around 15:20. She is beyond goddess!!! Dress and cape. Well what can be said!!! And the Tiara! Is was Pure Bliss to behold…. A vision from head to toe!!!!!!!!!!……………

Makyrie says:

Could use a bit better music! Did not fit the mood or atmosphere of the show by any standard!!!

Makyrie says:

I have been to many Galas, Balls, events etc. in my 60 years. And as beautiful as these clothes are, I’m afraid this show is as close to the light of day that many of these extra ordinary examples of design excellence will ever come! I especially LOVE the Swallow tail coats, but the entire show, OH MY……..

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