Ziad Nakad | Haute Couture Fall Winter 2018/2019 Full Show | Exclusive

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Ziad Nakad | Haute Couture Fall Winter 2018/2019 by *** | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video/1080p – Paris/France)

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Panfilo Becerra says:

Que belleza

Sunade thegreat says:

Wow I am blown away🙋😎😘, just do not like the funeral music

Dee Eriz says:


Leen Jordan says:

Love the colors really a lot
But I felt like almost each dress has a negative thing

Tye B says:

This was incredible. I would wear all of these if I could.

Donna Spear says:

Normally the only place these gowns could be worn is on the runway; however, some of these are actually suitable for formal dress functions. Some are even beautiful. Except the badly plucked chicken one.

anna anna says:


Mascara Mascara says:


iheworld134 says:

I have no idea who he / she is, but the desain remind me of elie saab n zuhair murad…i only came bcoz the thumbnails tho

Dalian U says:

collection looks gaudy

ghost 305 says:

Very Bob Mackie 1980s

Carolyne Leys says:

Refreshed by this whole gorgeous collection. Winter is coming bitches!!! Truly feeling this fantasy

midnighfairy says:

Who is the music I like

Libby Huckaby says:

Wish the camera person would've zoomed in on the dresses so you can see the details better..the models are walking and turning so fast at the end of the runway?

Debra Presley says:

In reality the only time most of us need anything even near what was shown here is at a prom. These are red carpet dresses made only for the young and very thin. Most of us are not walking the red carpet anytime soon. The high light of our day is going to walmart, the dollar tree or five below. It's hard to find nice cloths. When I was thin I had to wear teen cloths because I couldn't find anything in my size and most of it was too low cut of a top or pants. So I had almost no cloths. Now I finally am able to fit in more coths because I am almost 150 lbs. But I hate weighing this much. But at least I am able to find cloths that fit now.

Rachel Hannah says:

The gowns of this designer are always my favorite! Exquisite! Music could be better…😊☹️🏆💐

Xomarah Dickison says:

I can't believe the guy at the far left texting on his phone still looking down 10 min into the show. If he is so important why is he there? So much hard work being disrespected. The woman next to him taking selfies, not of the gowns, of her self.

Catherine Todd says:

Gorgeous dresses, Disney Princess, with glitter and stones… but how do you wear them in public without getting stepped on?

Carolyn Brt says:

Intriguing color, that green. Beautiful fabrics. And I love all those dangly bits.that dress at 7:15. Just wow! But let’s face it…no one can afford these…even the people who could afford these can’t afford them.

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