Yves Saint Laurent YSL Paris Perfume Commercial french kiss

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Commercial for YSL Paris perfume. Je t’aime, je t’aime.

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Katarzyna Izabela Tracz says:

I’love it ♥ I’love it ♥ I’love it ♥ I’love it ♥

Alexis Arquette says:

now we know where the spiderman movie got that idea

voguilicious says:

@tylw the model is Daniela Ursi.. from Argentina

Tania Rodriguez says:

@shoppinggirl125 LOL

TereseGerges says:

this perfume is gross i dont know why its gross to me wen my mum has heaps
of bottles

Daniela Urzi says:

daniela urzi

MisterSaltarello says:

C’est que l’amour rend folichon, Joey boy^^. J’adore le français murmuré du
“Paris, je t’aime!”.

lumierelovely says:

for a second there, i thought he was gonna hold on to her ponytail

sweetangelofpeace says:

im sure the top of the tower was a replica of the real one staged to make
it look like the real one. there is no way they would have done a
commercial on top of that tower and she was leaning without a rope. it
would have cost too much money and unecessary danger. come on people, none
of u have seen a stunt before? its a replica of the real thing!

Sammy R. says:

Ok, I hate the fragrance, but this ad is pretty lovely.

chokolaaOlala says:

j’adore ce parfum

Daniela Urzi says:

She is Daniela Urzi finde her in facebook, Daniela Urzi (oficial)

PrincessSakuno says:


tylw says:

No idea, sorry, but the director is Jean-Paul Goude.

scent007 says:

do u realy mean what u said about hating the fragrance .. it the best put
the opium fragrance with it and u got heaven scents

vlcmgrl1698 says:

everyone is allowed on top of the tour de eiffel, and this is not it, the
top is much larger

VaNigLiA1981 says:

ke bella sta publicita’

gday321 says:

there was definatly an advertisment picture for the add and it was featured
in all the glossy magazines and was of the helicopter hovering next to the
tower and the helicopter driver kissing the girl hope that helps

ThePrettyPoetess says:

What year is this ad from?

ipul26 says:

could pls tell me where I can get that poster of that commercial pls?

RamRamDamDam says:

Where she is, no. That’s where all the tv, radio etc antenas(?) are.

RamRamDamDam says:

I know right? On the way top of the Eiffel Tower where people aren’t
allowed even.

hoppalaayani says:

i love this perfume

Daniela Urzi says:

@tylw The mdel is Daniela Urzi from Argentina. Finde in Facebook Daniela

Alfredo Cañas says:

The girl is Daniela Urzi, argentinian model

Nicolas Fournier says:

Paris ! <3

Daniela Urzi says:

Daniela Urzi

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