Yves Saint Laurent Y EDT VS EDP

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Welcome to my channel undercover fragrance. I’m your host Mr. fragrances and I hope you enjoy this fragrance video . If you like fragrance Reviews and free giveaways please Consider Subscribe. Today video is about Yvessaintlaurent Y EDT VS EDP Comparison. Thank you for watching my video and I hope you have a great day.

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Lil Earl JR says:

Thanks..same to u

Lil Earl JR says:

I love them both…..
Last me all day, cause I only spray on my clothes….

luis calado says:

The EDT imo is an average one nothing special, EDP is not yet available at my Country can’t compare but I will try, nice review Bro keep on

kemejapetak dankopiah says:

I want to be in your giveaway contest!!
Newbie in fragrance world here! 😀
Subs for sure

Джинзó Аркайдия says:

2:56 Looking at the two bottles holding up left and right makes me want to grab Y Eau De Parfum than Y Eau de Toillette. Its presentation gets me with its dark shade gradient and carbon-fiber like cap. Looks awesome!! I will return to comment again soon.

Why has YSL fragrance deaigner not made L'Homme Libre into Eau de Parfume?? Also, Anyone knows why the 3.4 oz bottle of YSL Libre went out of stock production? I really hope for it to come back.

Mr. Ford says:

Great review! I am making YSL Man EDP my "How to Rock it…"

Smells Like says:

Def enter me. Looking forward to trying it. I actually really like the edt. But I haven’t gotten a bottle yet…thx man keep up the good work!

Born2Win 316 says:

I don't want to be entered in. I just appreciate your honesty. Thank you so much for not (HYPING UP) this 30 min skin scent.

Mark MD says:

Enter me please love the whole Dior Homme line

Sarah Halfin says:

great video! i would like to be entered. 🙂

Hoodscentz says:

Great crowd pleasers. Good for HS, college dudes. Good clean scent.. Great video my dude!

Jhonatan Sanchez says:

Edit your title. Space out yves saint laurent

Scott says:

Can you review Parfums De Marley Layton?

Eric Nuval says:

nice review! i only own la nuit dlhomme from the house of YSL, might have to try these ones out

TzFrank says:

Great video…I'd like to to be entered into the giveaway

Pj Calo says:

Great review! Keep em coming.

Lee Style&Fragrance says:

great battle I need to smell the edp im not crazy about the edt

Shaun Leonard says:

Thanks for the comparison! I’m waiting for the EDP concentration to come in from Nordstrom. I liked the EDT, but I never bought it because of the poor performance on my skin. I’m hoping the EDP will perform better …… blind buy / nervous. 😬

The Bond Creed Guy says:

Great video bro.. how you been??

Mr Sillage says:

Cool idea for a video, brother. I enjoy the og and havn't tried the edp yet.

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