Yves Saint Laurent Y by Yves Saint Laurent | Fragrance Review

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Notes: 01:16 Rating: 05:12

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IronPump89 says:

Hi, would you recommend this for summer too, or only for spring/fall? Thanks

Dan Dunning says:

Dunno if it’s just with me, but this fragrance last about 5 minutes before it vanishes. I don’t smell it at all whilst at work and only get a whiff of it when I’m getting changed on a night.

St. Jello says:

Hey Doc I'm looking for a fragrance that is or has a spicy opening with a really nice smooth fresh, sweet smell

David Lam says:

This smells nothing like sauvage. For me its more like Versace pour homme. Not the same smell but along the lines. I like this fragrance.

Daniel Joza says:

I love this fragrance, fresh, crisp, light, clean, girls like it alot,,

Adalberto Pedregon says:

Thanks to all the reviewers who don’t like this scent since it’ll stand out more amongst others who wear the typical scents

Henry Regans Jr. says:

Okay good deal thank you drac doc

Chris Sapp says:

It’s sad that now a days. Companies don’t come up with a original fragrance, they want to copy other companies not be different.

Big Daddy says:

Hey with Halloween coming up quick can you do a fun review on the new Demeter Elvira’s Sexy Witch? 🎃🐱

Mountain Man says:

I've been waiting for this one. I remember suggesting it 😎😂

RealJoshTv says:

Thanks for this review! A little too simple for me, but pleasant.. keep up the good work! 👍

Jim R says:

I fully agree with your assessment of "Y"….copying Sauvage and others, late to the table, Sauvage and others so a better job…but a nice fragrance regardless. Enjoyed.

namo730 says:

To me this remind me a lot of Versace pour homme… nice scent not original not special.

xToOxRaWxIsTheTruth says:

This for any season? It's very weak would not last in winter

Felix_233 says:

Great review, I appreciate your sincererity. Straight to the point.

Ahmed Mostafa says:

As you reviewed both which is better Y or Libre.

Lycosa says:

Generation Y eh? Millennials. So its for me, lol. I'm 20, born in 1997. End of millennials.

Zamazardde X says:

This doesnt smell anything like sauvage or bleu de chanel to me lmao

RammerRank says:

great honest review! Nothing new here to see..

Jason Vegan says:

thanks for the review on this, i was wondering about it!

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