Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat (Review/Demo)

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ABM MDI says:

Sephora has a higliter pen in a pink shade kinda a dupe for macs radiant rose..I liked the mac radiant rose but didnt really provide much highliting for me as i can with other products like Maybelline age rewind concealor is a great highiting tool they make a shade called brightening, I will mix that with their age rewind in shade light and it works reallly wel. I got the YSL #2 in a kit for $35bux at an outlet mall (smallersize) with rose gold gloss, mascara and their black khol pencil and bag.

ABM MDI says:

No, studio concealor is too thick to layer over..Technically studio concealor is meant for face, not the eyes.. What you need to do is color correct 1st with a salmon shade (eve pearl, benefit erase paste) Then apply this over it, sparingly, works best with beauty blender..So correct the dark circles, than if you want highlite then go over with this. But Not directly UNDER the eyes.

ABM MDI says:

yes that would be it

MilliVanilli says:

One of the best make-up review I have seen on here. Information that is actually relevant to people that try to decide whether or not to buy it. Sadly I could not tell what it looks like on you but I guess you were still playing around with the camera. Would be great if you only did it on one side of your face and showed us the difference with and without this. thanks!

Wander Ylvc says:

I have the Mac studio concealer, I have dark circles, but studio does a good job, but I think I still need a bit of my colour on my face, because the concealer looks too orangey on its own. Would this product work for me on top of the mac studio in your opinion? Thanks in advance

Jessca Moate says:


Jessca Moate says:

hey I am a HUGRE LIFE LONG USER OF THIS PRODUCT!! However I apply mine after all mymake up to brighten the under eyes.. But I always use estee lauder heatwave highlighting powder to set this pen.. certain friends tell me that im not suppose to set this pen w/powcer? is that true?? I always thought all liquids needed set w/powder?

Christian Iannelli says:

Forgot to ask,Can I use that as a highligther over my mac prolongwear concealer under my eyes?

Christian Iannelli says:

Dear god your brows! Would you not want to..thin them a little? :/ Nice video!:)

MoreMakeupMadness says:

I love the “Kardashian-look” and I love liquid highlighters so I gotta get this!!!

americangrl55 says:

Mine really aren’t that significant though, some told me they dont’ even see them. i wanted an overall brighter and more awake look I guess, that’s why this looks like a good option. i really don’t like the cakey, pasty look that concealer provides. How about the bobbi brown corrector, what shade would you recommend for fair with yellow undertones to counteract blue/purple? thanks!

MonsiieurAlex says:

my honest and overall advice is that if ur pigmentation under your eyes is significantly noticeable this product will not be very helpful for you I would Recommend looking into Burberry Concealer which comes in the same pen applicator or looking into other concealer options However if you want something to counteract blue buy a shade that is very orange / deep yellow toned, 2 may be too light to cancel out the blue veins you might have to use a shade thats deeper and balance it out w/ foundation

americangrl55 says:

What shade of this would be good for fair skin with yellow undertones? i have some light blue veins under my eyes so i think a product kind of like this would be good at counteracting them. I’m leaning toward shade 2 luminous ivory

Brenmto says:

Love the quality!

MonsiieurAlex says:

I def disagree… I think if it create too much light bounce back then I think thats something faulty on the artist part maybe? I am friends with quite a few artist and this product is a necessity for all faces 🙂 ! Then again its really about personal preference and how you work with products.

cbudzyn says:

I really enjoyed your video on this, but I have heard from makeup artists that work on on photo shoots that this creates too much light-bounce back from the flash. I was wondering if you disagree with this?

MonsiieurAlex says:

YAY! hahahaa. HD really makes the difference. O.O !!!!

raul garcia says:

im watching in 1080p HD. its so amazing!!!!

MonsiieurAlex says:

Thank you! Hope all is well!

MsChuty18 says:

Very good review,thanks.

kimsvanity says:

Hey Alex, another great review and awesome camera quality! I haven’t been on youtube much lately…i see you have alot of videos I’ve missed. I have lots of catching up to do. Hope you are enjoying the fall season.

MonsiieurAlex says:

I get so happy when I see your comments… This product is fantastic especially once you set it with powder lightly… Hope your pregnancy is going well. And I am happy to hear that my new video quality is more better than the past! Much love to you! But without a doubt.. worth the money.. but if anything I would recommend this after you give birth so it can give you that post – baby birth glow 😉

Z0MBiECEE says:

This video has such great quality! I’ve been in a serious debate as to whether or not I should buy it, I’ve recently gotten into highlighting a lot! Like, I wanna look like a highlighted, shiny but not oily, just perfect glowy pregnant woman with makeup on…cause without it, I don’t!

MonsiieurAlex says:

Thank you 😀 !!!!

MonsiieurAlex says:

hahahahaha. ! stop it ! lol

Michelle S says:

If that’s the reply you give to all your followers.. (rolls eyes)

thenaomichannel says:

love the new quality of the video!

MonsiieurAlex says:

Thank you sir! Haven’t gotten a chance to see anything from Burberry yet.. I have to look into it soon!!! That pen of theirs sounds pretty interesting! Thank you :)!

MonsiieurAlex says:

oh no its you 😛 !!! Thank you Michelle. Much Love!!!! 🙂

Michelle S says:

Love your new video! :-* Hugs!!! Michelle.

ThesPNation says:

Awesome one of my HG products; I tend to keep three or four of shades 3 and 4 at all times. THANK YOU for emphasizing it’s NOT a concealer lol. And yes Touche Eclat is their top selling product. You should also check out Burberry’s version,which conceals and highlights.


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