Yves Saint Laurent Summer 2012 Collection

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Summer 2012 Collection Review, Photos & Swatches: http://www.beautezine.com/yves-saint-laurent-summer-2012-collection-review-photos-swatches/ La Laque Coutur…

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Angelica Moreno says:

Im loving your videos. Very good job at describing the products i subscribed 🙂

olivertheturtle says:

What topcoat do you use with YSL nail polishes?

thasweetwalrus says:

her face looks really orange in all her videos, someone needs to tell her to wear less bronzer.

dayanna1ful says:

are you wearing eyeshadow in this video if you are please can you tell me what eyeshadow it is

mufffin777 says:

Why is it more expensive in Canada…? We’re just across the border.. *sigh* not fair :'(

stev9079 says:

you remind me of kourtney kardashian

geekchic929 says:

My mom always wears blue mascara, so I totally recognized it on you before you showed us. I got so excited that I caught someone wearing that color… I think I have a problem. 🙂

nawibreugel says:

love that gloss though I need to get this.

nawibreugel says:

I agree looks orange.

bationnation21 says:

Hum thats interesting i work for ysl and we only have two bronzers for the summer collection… but 3 of the pure chromatics

TheNila2012 says:

YOU talk to much and it takes you a very long time to explain the product. Otherwise, I do like you.

pollinad says:

I love when you make video reviews for makeup collections! More videos like this one, please. 🙂 I’d especially love to see more reviews of MAC collections.

Kianna Farahani says:

I’ve been a follow or fan of yours forever and I’m always blown away by the quality of your videos. Thank you for being so awesome!

Sanne Lenssens says:

I don’t really like the bronzer on you. It looks very orange. But still I love your videos

Sarah Turner says:

the white background is so good

Chyori Jang says:

U need more views

emilieclarke says:

Ahhhhhhhmazing amazing video babe!!!

VanityRouge says:

Great review and introduction to this collection! I love all of your photos on your site but also liked watching you talk about them too! That blue polish is to die for! Wowza! Great video, Jessica!

Gina Cecelia says:

OMG i want that bronzer lol it looks gorgeous!

Meeperz191 says:

You deserve WAAYY more views!!

shinya9292 says:

You are gooorgeous! 🙂

mznazal1 says:

The white background is no good

Laura Ross says:

Need the bronzer! I’ve been looking for a bronzer that’s good for fair skin. Most make me look muddy, but I think the soft peach and pink mixed in could make it very wearable. I’ll be looking for this at Norstrom when it comes out! Thank you for the review!

Chicroussevogue says:

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beautiful collection

emilieclarke says:

OMG heaven!!! 

WanSa PutTa says:

You look rather pale in this.

Emily Michelle says:

Thanks! 🙂

beautezineTV says:

Nikon D7000 with 18-105 lens

Emily Michelle says:

What kind of camera do you use? 🙂

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