Yves Saint Laurent Spring 2013 Arty Stone Collection Review

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Tutorial on the look I’m wearing: http://www.beautezine.com/look-book-arty-stone/ – – – Reviews on the Giorgio Armani Spring 2013 Collection – – – YSL Y Face…

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luselou says:

I love your top

bchbounds says:

am loving those polishes!! esp. the jade…

bchbounds says:

chanel has their ‘le volume de chanel” mascara that i like very much. they came out w/several colors in that one. just recently, they came out w/a new, very different kind of color. its like a khaki/goldy color. not the usual purple or blue..the girl at the counter used it on me and i’m on the fence about it..i guess its good for a more natural, everyday look, but i guess it was too light for me? i like darker lashes. i can deal w/a color every now & then, but a dark color..

bchbounds says:

other than my YSL lipstick, i’ve never really looked at much YSL..i’m noticing here tho how much the eye quad looks like the Tom Ford quads…they’re very similar…

M00nLighte says:

Thanks for the review! Love…YSL!

Annabells117 says:

I love YSL. There’s a few first times a girl always remembers – including the first time she tries a YSL lippie!

You should get all the Volupte Shines! Love. The formula is getting really popular- selling out Nordstroms here/ NYC. You should do a video review &lip swatches. It’ll get tons of reviews & be really helpful

Pola426westie says:

I love ysl sheer candy lipstick

missbucca2012 says:

I love ysl

Melissa Brocious says:

What I meant to say is that you have lovely hands and fingernails- I also noticed how photogenic you are in your blog….lucky you!! 🙂

Melissa Brocious says:

You have love

squittyna83 says:

wonderul <3

Nicole Quynh says:

Just found your videos, but I love them!

CoolInOlympia says:

I love how thorough your reviews are!!!! Those eyeshadows in the jewel toned pallette sure look lovely, but I bet that is expensive, too!

Megzclyne77 says:

OPI Mermaid Tears is almost identical dupe to YSL La Laque Couture in Jade Imperial

Marsha A. Branch says:

Believe it or not, I typed all that stuff about the nail polish before you said it lol. I guess great minds think alike haha.

Marsha A. Branch says:

I LOVE the Sheer Candies also! I have Mouthwatering Berry. And I totally agree with you on the stains & the blushes. I have the blush in Fuchsia Temptation. When I saw it in Sephora I said NO WAY, that’s too bright. But when they tried it on, it looked like I had a natural rosy glow coming from under my skin (rather than sitting on top of it). I also agree with you on the mascara, best formula ever. And, the new nail polishes are AWESOME, great formula, great brush. Gives you that salon look.

DorcoUSA says:

Love the colors! Thank you for sharing your video.

jrd says:

Very helpful information on both the blush (the ability to put it over powder) and the L’Oreal dupes for the lip stain.

jrd says:

Love your hair.

Tara Elruda says:

Love volupte sheer candy too. Would be nice to have a review on shu uemura spring collection.

looovemac says:

I am loving the palette but where do we buy it from?

methira15 says:

I love all your great reviews 🙂

Autumn Colotti says:

I just want to say, your nails are so nice! :D

shatha alomari says:

Love the collection

pagemcnally says:

Thank you for such a lovely review <3

popcornday says:

Thank you for your Always Fastest & Best Reviews, Please keep doing them 😉

Tara K says:

You look absolutely gorgeous in blue! As always, wonderful, thorough review. Thank you for all the hard work!

Keikobabetoo says:

Love, love, love, your high end makeup reviews! YSL and DIOR my favs. You’re the best!

rhidiculousrhiannon says:

you need background music!

itsgrechherself says:

i wanna try the creme blushes… are they similar with the loreal blushes?

Ileanna Perrusquía says:

Love YSL make up. Great job

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