Yves Saint Laurent Spring 2012 Makeup Haul & First Impressions

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oxa4pinoo says:

advertising advertising advertising every were

Adriana Rodriguez says:

You are a sweet person and nice too and l love your haul really nice!

PEImakeupartist says:

I totally agree about the size of the palette, thankfully it’s cuteness makes up for the small size. My earrings are from Unjameline, they’re a Japanese line. You can find them on facebook too. 🙂

PEImakeupartist says:

I did do one, you can check it out, it’s called YSL Candy Palette Makeup

momoco2525 says:

I can’t wait to see a look you create with that palette!

PEImakeupartist says:

ahhh! I can’t wait to get them! just 4 more days 🙂

pinkabuki says:

picked up 17, the purple pink, but I am thinking going back and getting a peach too, maybe 7. I get so overwhelmed by YSL cause they products are so beautiful and glamorous! 🙂

PEImakeupartist says:


PEImakeupartist says:

Not yet, but I’m going to Sephora next weekend and I’m hoping to pick some up. What colour did you get?

pinkabuki says:

have you tried the YSL glossy stains? they look great. I bought one of them so far, thinking of getting more.

Venice Jenkins says:

I have that same exact YSL candy eye shadow as well the same lipstick (which I love) however the compact is really small but soo cute and the YSL Colour Harmony For Eyes – 13 Candy it’s soooo pretty even on WOC I should do a review huh lol lol oh and more important where did you get those FABULOUS earrings darling I must have them!!!!!! Lol

Sandra Dani says:

I am so happy for you. I would be that excited too. I can’t wait to get my makeup from ebay.

tamieseguiya says:

thanks! i was looking for this pretty palette review!
its really gorgeous

grannaboo03 says:

Do a look with that lipstick! I think that shade is beautiful! I enjoyed watching you open your package, I think I feel that same whenever I find that special “ Oh I so glad I found this” shades! Thanks for sharing!

PEImakeupartist says:

me too!  Can’t wait to play with this palette!

PEImakeupartist says:

Did I say it right?!

PEImakeupartist says:

You can just call them up and ask them to ship whatever you want, they don’t have online shopping but I wish they did!

momoco2525 says:

can’t wait to see the palettes in a tutorial

spiffykerms says:

Oh wait never mind lol bloor street

spiffykerms says:

I didn’t know Holt Renfrew had online shopping!! Eeeee

PEImakeupartist says:

I was thinking last night I should have bought a couple of those lipsticks! Let me know what you think of the foundation. Thanks for watching 🙂

LipstickVanessa says:

I just love how excited you were in this video. I was so excited with you! I just started to purchase from YSL and I just LOVE the Volupte Sheer Candy Lip Balm! I purchased two more today to save for my birthday (lavender pink and orange coral colors). I also asked for a sample of the Tient Resist foundation that I am excited to try tomorrow. I love your choices!

PEImakeupartist says:

Your tuxedo palette sounds nice too! I’m loving the polish colours as well, hopefully they’ll wear well too. Holt’s charged $12 for shipping. Pricey, but at least it arrived really quick.

PEImakeupartist says:

I liked the other palettes too, but this one was just calling my name for some reason 🙂

PEImakeupartist says:

The sales person told me they were really hard to work with and that she did not recommend them at all.

MsTheBow says:

I got a limited edition YSL tuxedo palette..? It has 4 different blacks and a shimmery white. It was a gift from friends who went to Harrods in London it’s nice too . I love that green and brown polish. One question….did Holts charge you for shipping?

Adriana Gomes says:

Do you know how to work with the gel blushes?? So strange .. no pigmentation I saw at Bloomingdales .. but .. I don’t know ..

PinkCookie62 says:

Awesome watching! I’ve been dying to go check out the palettes. There’s another one too & they both look amazing! Love the stuff u got! : D

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