Yves Saint Laurent – Rive Gauche – Eau de Toilette

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Green. Then there was none. Free. This fragrance is something very mysterious and very personal. Many poeple out there like it and I have never ever seen a f…

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LeEgoisteNYC says:

Perfectly said. Thank you.

Mica Garbi says:

I have to do a work for university and this is really good for it, thanks.

gentsrevs says:

@rugby721 As much as I know there is only the EDT out on the market yet
they once had a “rive gauche intense” in stores that got discontinued.
Thank you btw 🙂

Whatdongever says:

I thinks this one is very oriental and spice. I have this one, some of my
friend thinks this smells like old man. might not really for people who
looking for young and fresh smell.

MastersofStyle says:

Thanks for the review, I’ve been wondering about this one since I bought
M7… Just need to find a tester now, the reviews are amazing for it, and
your review gave me a good impression of what to expect.

beavisbonce says:

I have around 30 perfumes in my collection from Tom ford to etat libre
d’orange to high street. This is the only one I repeat buy!

gentsrevs says:

Totally right … good people are almost a guarantee for a good outcome …
I adore this scent so much … it’s perfect for what it is … and thank
you my friend!

gentsrevs says:

Hey there 🙂 nice to meet you too

topgear1138 says:

I like your reviews. Stylish and eloquent. As a viewer I really get the
feeling that you love fragrances and that you love to review. Keep it up
and let’s get some more reviews. If you ever get a chance to review it I
would like to see you do a review of what i think is an overlooked
fragrance. Story by Paul Smith. I would love to hear your take on that one.

rugby721 says:

The Rive Gauche pour Homme is one of my top 5 fragances. Great review. I
love your channel. Is any version of eau the parfum of this fragance?

Scottg says:

I enjoyed your review. The Left Bank (La Rive Gauche) implies a sense of
bohemianism and creativity. I think Rive Gauche is a fitting name for this
intriguing and classic aromatic herbal fragrance.

rugby721 says:

I like the fragance because it is modern and classic at the same time. In
my skin 3 sprays long for 8 hours. I usually put only when I go to dinners
with friends and in the cinema.

gentsrevs says:

@blaowbb Thank you a lot 🙂 … please tell me after you tried the sample
how it’s working for your nose … would love to hear how you’d describe
this fragrance

mrjoestrikesagain says:

@gentsrevs LMAO. You’re awesome. 😀

chocolatesteak says:

just a hint mate: [suht-l]. or is there a regional accent where the “b” is

Ralph Lauren says:

Hey Gentsrevs, great review – as always. I just blind bought this little
jewel and I must say I’m most impressed with Rive Gauche. Yes, kind of a
nostalgic scent, but boy does this thing have some lasting power. Put on
three sprays yesterday afternoon at approx 2pm and I’m still smelling the
stuff! A real ‘sleeper’ in my eyes. Clean, comforting and 100% masculine.
Why am I not surprised this has come from YSL house, under direction of Tom
Ford and created by Jacques Cavallier.

mrjoestrikesagain says:

BTW: Congrats on 50 vids. 😀

gentsrevs says:

I guess there is no such accent where the b is pronounced. I gladly take
your suggestion and try not to mispronounce the word again. Sometimes I get
a weird sort of pronunciation in my mind that I really need to get rif of.
Thank you for the help!

gentsrevs says:

I have to agree with to 100% … a perfectly fitting name for a wonderful

Flashmore says:

There was a show on UKtv called “Peep show”…The guy(comedian/actor)with
the mousey brown hair (Robert Webb!) he has a very, very similar voice to
yours;)… Its a good thing….;) I just knew when i first heard you that
i’d heard it b4.Keep upthe gd work my friend

Shoshanaa says:

Hello. Nice to meet you.

gentsrevs says:

@mrjoestrikesagain Thank you joe! As always you’re seriously some kind of
“coach” for me. 🙂

blaowbb says:

absolutely love the reviews. i have a sample of rive gauche coming in soon.
i smelled it once before and enjoyed the clean, traditional feel of it but
didn’t feel compelled to purchase a bottle. i trust that the sample will
allow me to live with it for a bit and see if i want to add it to the
collection. sharp suit/tie combo btw!

Kgl Pojkfröken says:

Great review as always. Love the fregrance but I see exactly what you mean
with it being undefined! About that, I hope you will review YSL:s VERY
defined perfume: Kouros!!! Totally love that one!

mrjoestrikesagain says:

Very Awesome Review. You are going to make it big my friend. Not sure what
I classify big…, But you know what I mean hahaha.

dracdoc says:

I think I am going to need to follow your lead and pick up the rest of the
YSL line. When I really think about it, they are all pretty unique

averaraz says:

nice review, would like to try this in the future.

gentsrevs says:

Oh thank you very much my friend 🙂

gentsrevs says:

@topgear1138 Thank you for those super kind words. That really pushes me
🙂 I will keep an open eye on the paul smith then … gonna see if it’s
tryable somewhere around here

kirill19902 says:

Sounds good to me. Great review as usual.

realmexthug08 says:

Bought me this fragrance today with a shower gel ¶;) does it have toBacco
in the notes? Bcus i smell a little Bit of toBacco in the middle notes
great review i will keep wearing it so i can make up my mind aBout it, it
smells good But i need to know for what ocassion i will use it mayBe to go
to work, or to go the studio wheres a lot of marihuana smoke also its cold
here, i gotta try it in hot days since you say it reacts well with the sun

gentsrevs says:

@ladypojkfroken Thank you so much 🙂 … yess Kouros will be next and you
totally got it right, it’s so definete and set (simply adorable).

gentsrevs says:

OH well I got to check that out my friend 😀 … many thanks and now I
gotta check the voice similarity 🙂

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