Yves Saint Laurent – part 6

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1992 documentary – 10 years before the closure of Yves Saint Laurent haute couture – provides the look at the life and career of the legendary designer.

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theoryg says:

He was a big man and kinda warped. It was a novelty to see him even on film. At any rate his style never catches my attention at all but often his models are something to notice over and over.

petplayer999 says:

Thank You for sharing !!!

sebastian sartorialissimo says:

J’ai l’impression que Madame Deneuve est un peut arrogante….je comprends bien qu’elle est (etait) sa meilleure amie et qu’elle prenait soin de lui, neanmoins, je considere qu’elle etait trop protectrice envers lui jusqu’au point d’être arrogante et insupportable…..J’aime bien Catherine Deneuve, je parle seulement de ces videos ci.

dollzbyelectra says:

Bravissimo !!!!!

strawberriesncandii says:

So humble.

strawberriesncandii says:

He was a beautiful man.

ufoureeah says:

I love this man. He is an amazing designer. I love how he pushed the boundaries!!

David McAffrey says:

is there a video of the 30 year anniversary collection?

toxifox says:

Just finished the documentary. I could easy watch it again and again. Thank you for sharing the opportunity to visit a small part of the life of one of my favorite designers.

AzzedineAliaFan says:

Wondeful, all of it, thanks for sharing 🙂

puremuslima says:

I love Yves Saint Laurent haute couture he is a inspiration to me and when i look at his xcollection it somehow makes me think of john gallianohe might be inspired by Yves Saint Laurent ….RIP YLS he was the best

venjeans says:


MANILABOY6631 says:

B R A V O !

lisajason111 says:

sadness is all i have. How could a young and bright man fall pray to such illness. May God be with you in peace

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