Yves Saint Laurent – part 3

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1992 documentary – 10 years before the closure of Yves Saint Laurent haute couture – provides the look at the life and career of the legendary designer.

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forteboston says:

Actually, comercio76’s comment is really simply based on contemporary pop culture and the idea these days that, only if you’re skinny and sexy can you also be talented and successful.
His/her use of the word ‘celebrity’ gives it all away — it’s the worst and most overused word in all of modern language. It connotes so much yet means absolutely nothing in terms of an individual’s talent, personality and ability.

phillip h says:

You know, thats very ignorant for you to say, also very mean.
When he was young, he was giving drugs and undergone electroshock therapy in a military hospital.
(probably for being gay) and he was tormented by others in the military…

comercio76 says:

poor dude. Too much hairspray and he still looked a piece of crap. Aging process for the celebrities is hard to swallow,

Ginizi says:

Does anyone know the name of the music that starts at 1:15?

MrN00mis says:

Yves “hope you guys didn’t need that hairspray” Saint Laurent… love it…

ZHammerUK says:

I like this.

wadchulukinat says:

yeah, that was her on her first season 🙂

Marc g says:

6:42 … what’s with all the hairspray?

Alexaty5 says:

simply exquisite! yves was a genius!

Malegnius says:

Is that Tyra at 4:17? Tyra Banks?

jointvenus says:

omg he goes crazy with the elnet

snejanahanadovile says:

can you say, OZONE LAYER DAMAGE!!!! jaja, I love Yves Saint Laurent.

Nosiluminadimenso says:

Croyez-vous que New Jersey est la nouvelle Rive Gauche? uuuuuuh au secours!

MANILABOY6631 says:

B R A V O !

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