Yves Saint Laurent – part 2

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1992 documentary – 10 years before the closure of Yves Saint Laurent haute couture – provides the look at the life and career of the legendary designer.

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theoryg says:

Boy what a character to observe in and of himself.

Jeanlaid Alvarez says:

R.I.P François Lesage …

ZHammerUK says:

I like this.

strawberriesncandii says:

He was a beautiful man.

LBraunhaus says:


manatsunoshi says:

wow i didn’t know that the work was so complicated and crazy… a really deep insight into the industry

Jeremy Danté says:

thank you so much for posting this.

andrewjamesmacleod says:

Dior choked on food?! I thought it was a heart attack with 2 young, male lovers! Well, figures.

MANILABOY6631 says:

B R A V O !

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