Yves Saint Laurent – part 1

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1992 documentary – 10 years before the closure of Yves Saint Laurent haute couture – provides the look at the life and career of the legendary designer.

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petplayer999 says:

Thank you for posting !!!! Legend !!! Best from the best !

Tony Huang says:

plz upload them. Very interested too see the life and career of these legendary designers.

Monsieur Mark says:

Upload them all please!!! trust me they’re worthy!! this is history

Carducci1959 says:

An incredible talent, thanks for the video!

Elvia Francis says:

Thank you for this upload 🙂 I love Yves Saint Laurent and this documentary is essential to fashion history!

Rommel Lumapas says:

put more of these i think its called The Look from Bravo

Kari Huddleston says:

I really hope you upload those videos. Those would be a nice gift.

Manuel7920 says:

Hello, who’s the singer of this song in Eurydice opéra by Gluck ???
I love it !
Is it Teresa Berganza of another ?

whotaughtyou says:



MsJazzkitty says:

I know I don’t get Karl’s hype either.

sebastian sartorialissimo says:

5:31 is suuuch a legendary dress!

TheReturnOfStephan1 says:

Karl’s work has never really been relevant, creative, sensual & powerful-or even as well made, as St. Laurent’s, though Fendi’s team does a fantastic job trying. Karl’s never created a piece or collection that’s literally changed the way women dress. Karl’s known more for his fans than his designs.
Let’s not forget, Madame Chanel called Yves, not Karl, her “spiritual heir”.

ZHammerUK says:

I like this.

shirazuk says:

old is gold

sebastian sartorialissimo says:

do not doubt …just upload them…even if i am the only one who watches them i would love you for doing it

stylerunner7 says:

I will eventually – I have a problem with sound synchronization at the moment as you can see in my latest posts. It’s ok for short clips more or less but it will not be good in longer pieces like documentaries.

LisaSimpsonRules1st says:

When in doubt, always upload it, because there is always going to be somebody who will be interested in whatever you want to show.
Thanks for this documentary. Excelent!

stylerunner7 says:

You’re right - I have them all. They seem quite dated now as the industry has changed so much. So I was debating if it was worth it to upload them…

baronessvondengler says:

there’s a name for the “some” who say Lagerfeld has remained in 2nd place: DELUSIONAL.

Da La says:

Is this from that brilliant documentary that was shown on Channel 4 called “The Look”. Suzy Menkes described Yves Saint Laurent as the “towering genius of his generation”. I had never heard that phrase before. Also they featured Ralpfh Lauren and Calvin Klein – and they were not very kind to either (mere stylists rather than designers, if I remember rightly). You had to be European to get any chance of a kind word. I’d love to see the series again.

coinjoin says:

I’ve got this documentary on VHS blimey its been a long time since i saw this!

If i remember correctly there was a string of documentaries on famous designers

Dior, YSL, Valentino, Armani, Versace

Klement Astor says:

OR a woman whose comments can Skyrocket a Designer to INSTANT STARDOM!!! I LOVE SUZY MENKES !!!
If interested my Facebook Profile is Leo Statten.
Leo Statten Astor The Owl

Giancarlo Vega says:

Amazing !

Caskader says:

At that time at least…

dyu828 says:


dyu828 says:

A woman whose comments can break a designer’s career…

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