Yves Saint Laurent – Opium pour homme – Eau de Parfum

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This fragrance is right on #2 of my top 5 scents ever. No matter what more expensive perfume I tried none of them gave me the intensity and such a perfectly …

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Amr Ellafy says:

really good and honest review ! just wondering, how do you compare it with
the EDT? do you think some notes are different?

Moahmmed Al-Suwaidi says:

Hello mate i’m a big fan of you to be honest you rock can you please tell
me what’s your top 5 perfumes? and give me advice of what perfumes to buy
or use i’m a man 20 years old please give me a list of 5-10 perfumes that i
must have! thank you for your time

gentsrevs says:

@silverpunk2427 🙂 on the one hand I am glad that you like it on the other
hand I pity your gf then 😉 … well the difference between EDT or EDP is
definetely told by it’s durability as the EDP will last for a whole day +
night (at least on my skin)

gentsrevs says:

@rhaybans Thank you a lot for that very kind comment 🙂 … it really put
a smile on my face and shows that my setting about fragrance seems to be
right 🙂 Tell me after you gave it some more time what you think about the
opium please

Emir Sinanović says:

this is my favorite fragrance and i have the edt version . even though it
smells like heaven and i couldn’t imagine anyone hating this, it’s
definitely not for everyone. very erotic and esoteric fragrance. edt
doesn’t last longer than 4 hours on my skin, depending on the weather, but
it’s a monster projection in the first 2 hours. when sprayed on clothes, it
lasts very long, almost 24 hours and project really well. the edp may be to
strong and overpowering for people around you.

Vincent Vega says:

Hi, great review, I also love this scent, and I think its my favorite,
unique and difficult to describe, magnetic, very warm, quite but also
provocating in some way. Maybe it would sound crazy, but perfumes which has
similiar “mood” to YSL Opium, maybe in very diffrent way, but still, is for
me the womens Dior Poison, I mean original poison from 1986r, both scents
are very oriental and reminds me an Indian forest, mysterious, and full of
tropical fruits, both last very long.

alexjxcx says:

@gentsrevs the only draw back is it would a bit more pricey than review
scents though lol

wagsbass says:

Hey man check out indoleholic (channel)

alexjxcx says:

lol projection monster, but yea im one of those people whose skin dosnt
project scents well, but i never do more than two doses (on on abdomen one
on upper back) just because im nervous of it coming off as too much

mrbellecanada says:

You know I get a completely different reaction with this fragrance. Most
people like it , reminds them of a decadent dessert that they had before
but men like it more then women. I would not wear this to an office and
when I do wear it I usually spray it on and then shower preferably with the
same scented soap, to wear it at full strength creates that cloud you talk
about. What are your top 5 scents did you make a video of them? If so
please give me the url

gentsrevs says:

Not to my knowledge … but don’t hold me on that

gentsrevs says:

It most definetely is an intriguing perfume presumed that you are up for
such a spice-explosion. Thank you a lot for the most kind words. My

gentsrevs says:

@wesweiss Thank you my friend and oh you’re so right, this scent is like
burning flame 🙂 Personally I love the metapher of hot sand in egypt as a
comparison to this fragrance

ChilledPint says:

its been cold weather lately here,and I have been reaching for this a lot
lately. It is addicting and I highly appreciate this one from the YSL.
Another classic from when they pushed the envelope.I can see where some
feel its dated the first time they spray it because it assaults your nose
from so many different angles but once you understand & appreciate it, you
realize how great it is. I agree with you Gents that it is very complex
and the notes are blended perfectly. Great review, thanks 🙂

Ashley Jenkins says:

@gentsrevs I love this fragrence, and I have been searching high and low
for the EDP version, as all we have here in the States in the EDT version,
I first experianced the EDP while I was visiting family in Italy, and
bought a bottle. I would give anything to find Opium Pour Homme EDP.

alexjxcx says:

great review, but is it too strong for casual use?

gentsrevs says:

Well that sounds great! … personally I spot the tolu balsam as an oily
note that rather changes the texture than the actual smell … it feel a
bit more herbal due to it

rhaybans says:

Thumbs up. I don’t have lots of experience with Opium. Need to try it out
more, but it’s very interesting. I really respect the fact that you still
love a fragrance regardless if others around you aren’t so fond of it.
That’s shows that you have a passion for fragrance rather than just being
worried what others think. Good job!

gentsrevs says:

Oh no 🙁 that’s seriously striking me. Didn’t expect that.

Alex Santos says:

I really enjoyed your critique, very good and complete.

Laurence Adams says:

Oh, man…LOL…that’s hilarious. I meant to say “for many yrs, it was a
sig’ (signature scent….)…LOL…that was a smartphone error. I don’t
think a dog would like this fragrance …lol

gentsrevs says:

@superrsleuth Apparently no one has commented the Santal so far beside one
girl who said that it’s a very nice smell but that’s actually it.

Jhubin8253 says:

@gentsrevs Please tell me where you bought it.

Jordan MacDonald says:

Hey Gentsrevs, I was wondering if I should buy this fragrance. There aren’t
any places for me to smell it and I know you said not to blind buy it but I
see no other option. To give you a preview of what type of colognes I like,
I love Yves Saint Laurent’s Pour Homme, Kouros, L’homme, L’homme Libre, and
L’homme La Nuit. So yes i’m a bit of a Yves Saint Laurent fanboy haha.
Anyway, thank you for your time and hope you have a happy holiday.

gentsrevs says:

@alexjxcx Oh definetely … when we come to turnbull&asser custome made
pieces I guess it’s a bit too far for normal reviews

mrbellecanada says:

If you like Opium by YSL pour homme that much. I suggest you wear it
lightly and subtly. Like good food the golden rule is to serve it in small
portions. I only tried one of your 5 favorites, I am so out of the loop.
Guerlain produces great fragrances time and time again including Habit

Ethereal Skies says:

Hello! I also thought it was like a drug when I tried it at the store; it
smells great, but I´m afraid it might be too strong to be worn everyday. Do
u think EDT could do the job instead, for this winter? Cheers

gentsrevs says:

Surely I can see quite a lot of the same setting in the elder Dior Poison
and the YSL Opium. It’s a pity that over time they lost this very warm and
all-sorrounding depth of the fragrance and just got sweeter and sweeter on
the Poison.

Black Mercedes says:

its discontinued so i bought 8 bottles of the edp. it cost me about $1000

gentsrevs says:

it totally is … an amazing scent I never ever would want to miss

FaceInTheRain says:

Too bad it’s been discontinued. It smells like something James Bond would

gentsrevs says:

@superrsleuth I have to admit that my number one changed yet opium always
stayed #2. I would quite rather like to say that opium is my forever #1 and
then I also got one current favourite scent for a limited time. At the
moment it is Santal by Floris.

gentsrevs says:

This particular EDP-version? Yes! … I see more and more often some
fragrantionados (perfume addicts) that not only wear such strong scents
daily but also use 3 or more sprays of those fragrances. Personally I think
that would be outragously pathetic. You reflect yourself to others with
your perfume so make sure to use appropriate dosages. If your skin doesn’t
project a scent well maybe use some more squirt but Opium EDP is a
projection monster that can easily offend others. So be carefull

Dominic Gerrit says:

This has been my #1 fragrance for some time. I have both the EdP and the
EdT. Right now I don’t wear it as much since I have many other bottles but
I’m sure I’ll wear it again in the near future.

gentsrevs says:

@MastersofStyle Thank you a lot! I will take the recommendation of the
“narciso rodrigues” very serious and feel happy about our shared interest
in style.

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