Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto Perfume Review

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Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto Perfume Review If you like the perfume and want to check it out http://amzn.to/12VTSYS Missed some of my Videos ? You Will Love …

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Karina Kaboom says:

Not everyone is going to pronounce French the same way i do my best, bit i def will not be checking the pronunciation of french when i clearly wont be able to pronounce it for you 😉

yacrazydiamond says:

Check pronunciation of a brand when reviewing a product 😀 Sorry was just odd to hear YSL pronounced like that.

ClinicallyManiac says:

Sounds like a great perfume great review! xoxo 🙂

MsMoodyBlue says:

Great review!

Karina Kaboom says:

thanx so much 😉

JloveLamar says:

Oops! Forgot to say Good job! 🙂

Karina Kaboom says:

omg more intense wow this one is already strong cant wait haha 😉

JloveLamar says:

There’s a new version coming out! YSL MANIFESTO L’ELIXIR. Supposed to be a stronger, more intense version 🙂

Karina Kaboom says:

b/c i bought a small bottle and used half of it by the time i filmed the review

Nallely Horan says:

Why does it have so little?

Karina Kaboom says:


Karina Kaboom says:


Karina Kaboom says:

hey i had it loved it but it didnt last

Karina Kaboom says:


britwigger says:

The only thing that will make that smell good…..is you.

Tina Lozano says:

My most favorite scent…my signature scent is Versace’s Bright Crystal… I love it.. And i still want to get see by chloe

Charmaine Blackie says:

Going shopping with my mom when I get to the states on Monday. I can’t wait. Going for 3 weeks. So going to try it.

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