Yves Saint Laurent – M7 – Eau de Toilette

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This fragrance is a sensual and spicy explosion of woody notes for all of you that love fragrances in the style of “One Million” or “Le Male”. http://www.you…

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gentsrevs says:

You are certainly right yet I still strongly assume him to have had an influence on the outcomming product. He would not have agreed on a fragrance that doesn’t suit his liking.

Just as well his own perfumes aren’t utterly created by him though they have to fit his expectations.

Nonetheless you were more than right to correct me here. Should have explained differently

JmeJ83 says:

M7 was created by Alberto Morillas and Jacques Cavalier. Tom Ford was head of creative design at YSL at the time, that doesn’t mean he created M7 my friend :/

notsostr8 says:

cuteness overload

dirkworld says:

I only wear M7 since 2002. Totally Tom Ford’s triumph. It is almost impossible to find in the original formulation ( amber bottle) The difference is striking. The original has a super long silage that developed over a few hours, ending with a smoky oud and vetiver/mandrain trail. Simply incredible. The new formulation is very similar yet not as long lasting and seemingly diluted for mass consumption. The original is absolutely for the Tom Ford man.

gentsrevs says:

that’s a good question and to be honest I would not be able to give a definite answer. In Germany types seem to vary quite a lot. Especially age matters as the biggest indicator of that equation. I’d say that for most of the young, outgoing and clubbing, people woody scents are the one to buy most. Usually they also own an aquatic fragrance for the summer. The older you go the more likely you are to find more masculine scents yet generally I’d say that our fragrance culture is quite like yours

gentsrevs says:

Oh well if only I’d know anything to say after that lovely comment … gosh that made me blush, thank you 🙂

envy jewelry says:

your cute looking 🙂

gentsrevs says:

wow … my friend this is simply overwhelming … I really hope that you won’t be disappointed and I thank you so much for you kind words

BarnettLevon says:

You are absolutely detailed in your reviews! Thank you very much. After watching your review I have just ordered an M7 for myself:)

With respects,

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA


The vintage bottle with bottle completely amber colour, is BETTER. More persistnce and sillage super. Yours is the V2 of M7, a version reformulated in a different bottle. The Tom Ford original design bottle is totally amber. But i like your vid, and you too.

LadyCocoSea says:

Magnifique ;)

Extremmist says:

The old version is from 2002

ramboram03 says:


ramboram03 says:

The old formulation is waay stronger but the reformulated version is more wearable.

gentsrevs says:

It’s a pleasure to hear that someone takes so much advise out of a review of mine to buy a fragrance blind. I promise you this masterpiece of spiciness and woodiness will not disappoint you!

tweedledee67 says:

Thanks for the review, very informative. I like fragrances that change during dry down. I just blind purchased a 1.7oz on ebay as I was watching this review and others. I cant wait to get it. I’ve enjoyed la nuit d’lhomme and original l’homme very much. Thanks for taking the time..

Stu Pidazo says:

I’ll say it again…it’s like having sex in a Catholic church pew…it’s incense and the sweet fragrance coming off the huge tits of a beautiful woman, period!

gentsrevs says:

Are you sure my friend? I bought this bottle in the very early 2010.

fedgery771 says:

Sounds like I need to try this! Good review sir!

Bim13North says:

Great review! Like MasterofStyle and many others, I really enjoy your reviews! Keep up the good work!! I have to try M7, hopefully I can find it.

Jo5ue1 says:

What a great review, keep them coming..

realmexthug08 says:

i feel like standing up and go and Buy this damn fragrance, there’s a place where i saw it for a good price

gentsrevs says:

It’s really honoring to hear those words from you. I will definetely keep up the reviews and always take a glance at your’s to gain some inspiration especially about metaphorically expressionizing myself

MastersofStyle says:

You did this fragrance justice. Glad you love M7 and many thanks for recommending my channel. Your reviews are full of variety and come across as being honest, articulate and concise. Keep pumping out your videos, they’re excellent.

silverpunk2427 says:

After watching yours and Alex’s review I really wanna try this now. I want a piece of the magic 🙂
Great review as always.

vessc says:

Another very good review.

Zepyhp says:

Great review on a 5 Star fragrance!

gentsrevs says:

@troym5800 About the cherry-cola you really gave me a new note of that fragrance. Just sniffed it again and I have to agree. Some sparkly, dark (cola) and cherry/berry smell really develops in the back of this scnet-

Thank you!

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