Yves Saint Laurent M7 | Best Designer Oud EVER

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M7 Yves Saint Laurent for men Pictures M7 Yves Saint Laurent for men Pictures
M7 by Tom Ford embodies male sensuality. It is the seventh men’s perfume by YSL and the second one created by Tom Ford (who worked as the creative director for YSL at the time). The perfumers behind the fragrance are Jacques Cavallier and Alberto Morillas.

M7 was accompanied by a very provocative advertising campaign with a nude man. The M7 man is elegant, sensual, masculine and desirable. The face in the commercials is Samuel De Cuber.

M7 is a heavy, rich, intensive and masculine fragrance, dominated by dark, warm and dry precious woody notes and a heavy, natural, earth-like note originating from vetiver.

The formula of this perfume encompasses assorted trees and raw, odorous plants. The composition begins with elegant citrus notes of Italian bergamot, Sicilian mandarin and rosemary from Southern France. The warm heart contains one of the most expensive components—Agarwood, followed by vetiver. The perfume closes with a soft ambergris trail and musky notes.

The bottle colored in warm nuances was designed by Tom Ford and Doug Lloyd. The perfume was created in 2002.

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Lee Style&Fragrance says:

I must smell this 🔥🔥🔥 that dimple on the tie is something else 😍

MistweaverJC says:

love the suit but not really diggin the tie. suit is fantastic though. love your vids also

star lopak says:

better than gucci oud intense?

Aslaam Mahdi says:

i love Oud…but i wear oils

Victor Scott says:

I went to buy cologne last week and i saw this but didnt think anything of it. Gonna have to grab a bottle next time.

Nicky T says:

The oud absolu is extremely similar to this reform version of M7. Folks don’t spend hundreds of dollars for this version. The oud absolu is amazing in itself

Effiong Gospel says:

kevin just subscribe to your channel . i want to know if you are still using tiege hanley product on your face.? secondly what lotion and body wash/ soap do you use on your body.?

UchIHa AvaNgeR says:

how is this different from the m7 oud absolu exactly

michael oles says:


Eddy Vasquez says:

Hello sir, what do you think about Banana Republic oud mosaic? Great video as always.

Michael Jiang Zhu says:

The suit is beautiful as always.🔥 Please make an Ombre Leather review 🙌🏻

CH HC says:

Will definitely check that out.

Kyle Stevens says:

I like skankier ouds like Oud Ispahan and Oud Palao, trying some real oud tomorrow. But somebody gave me M7 as a gift I think I need to wear it some more.

poppa bear says:

Haven't smelled this one.

Alan Jackson says:

Kevin, can you do a direct comparison with the re-release M7 oud absolu. How different are they?

ladeloac1 says:

That jacket🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Michael Bullock says:

Great review and I enjoyed it keep up the good work and I wanna try this fragrance and have a blessed night

Garth Wright says:

That grey tie is the O.G. Boss player on a Friday evening happy hour😀😀😀

dsldude1152 says:

Also agree this is one the vintage really is better. great frag nothing else quite like it.

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