Yves Saint Laurent – L’homme – Eau de Toilette

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Hey people! This fragrance is a hypnotizing masterpiece in my opinion. It begins with a fresh and active breakthrough that is support by some nice hidden woo…

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enfald1g says:

Now thats a review. Thank you very much sir.

Beka Ghambashidze says:

Good job my friend!!!

ProspectNY11211 says:

Very classy review.I purchased La Nuit because of you,I will purchase this
one now.I’m enjoying your reviews more and more.I will have to refrain from
purchasing all your recommendations 🙂

taeyeonwong says:

What’s a perfume that is popular with women again ?

gentsrevs says:

I most definetely get you my friend. This problem is very well know in the
fragrance community that the more fresh a perfume is with that of course
it’s longevity and sometimes also the projection goes down as well. There
is actually not much you can do about it. If possible you may try to put a
layer of the original l’homme as a base on your skin and the gingembre as a
second spray on top of it. That might boost the longevity without losing
it’s active youthfulness

Digemini8 says:

i don’t know about the perfume being sensual but i know your accent is

gentsrevs says:

@kontinnuum Thank you … the La Nuit will follow tomorrow 🙂

Fragrance Bros. says:

“a better boss bottled” : spot on!! great review!

gentsrevs says:

@ProspectNY11211 Wow a huge smile that I got on my face now … I feel very
delighted to have done an acceptable job. Greetings from Germany!

gentsrevs says:

Well that’s certainly a huge compliment, thank you. I tend to think that I
explain stuff rather boring than entertaining but it’s great to hear that
someone likes to listen!

gentsrevs says:

@Atmosphereification The “le parfum” will soon be in the collection as well
… it’s an more intense version and I adore it as much as all the
“L’homme” scents.

52SlimProductions says:

you’re a great fragrance reviewer .. lots of great information, plus your
accent is really cool. I am a female and I am a big fan of all of the
divisions of YSL’s L’Homme (La Nuit de L’Homme is my favorite and I
recently purchased it, but will be likely purchasing L’Homme soon).
Firstly, I guess I should preface it with the fact that I’m not trying to
attract a man lol so that might allude to part of the reason why I wear it.

gentsrevs says:

@rhaybans Totally get you 🙂 … they’re quite on top of my list … 🙂

Joe W says:

Great review. Very well articulated and explained.

gentsrevs says:

Oh well thank you my friend 🙂 but let me ensure you that the fragrance is
actually sensual. About my accent I would disagree though, but thank you a

kontinnuum says:

Nice review. I can not wait for your La Nuit D’lomme review 🙂

lastplacewin says:

Nice review. Will definitely check out your other vidoes.

rhaybans says:

@gentsrevs haha. On repurchasing the Creeds!

Kgl Pojkfröken says:

P.s. I have noticed the Rive Gauche bottle in the shelf behind you for most
reviews now, one of my true favorites, so it sounds good that you are going
down on YSL now 😀


Im not that interested in perfumes, but ill keep watching just cause of

gentsrevs says:

I would definetely go for the original l’homme. It’s more intense and to my
nose much more versatile whilst I can not imagine l’homme gingembre to be
worn in the winter.

Kidof89 says:

I was looking for pronunciation of ‘l’homme’ and I found both a great
review and exactly what I was looking for 😉 Thx!

gentsrevs says:

@rlgkls Yeah I do adore this scent aswell … and thank you of course 🙂

senore01 says:

I purchased a bottle of YSL L’Homme today. Class act. Your recommendation
was wonderful. The ginger and pepper notes are fantastic. For a designer
house, YSL does a great job of blending the notes in their scents. This one
may become my signature scent

taeyeonwong says:

I’m deciding between the original l’homme and the l’homme gingembre. What
do you think between these two ?

Kgl Pojkfröken says:

…both thumbs up! The L’Homme is a wonderfully fresh scent, though a
little weak on me. In the war between YSL L’Homme and Dior Homme I actually
fight for team Dior ;D. Yet I prefer this one to La Nuit.

Ron Gray says:

Stellar job again my friend…awesome fragrance!

52SlimProductions says:

(con’t comment). As for me, it likely projects differently than it does on
a male. I get a ton of the sweetness to come out during the duration of the
fragrance (with it getting stronger as it develops). I prefer a male
fragrance as I do not like the ultra sweetness that is common of female
fragrances, but I tend to stay in the vein of aquatics or gourmands (to
have that piece of femininity that projects on me). Again, great reviews!

gentsrevs says:

@BradyReviewz Thank you! I did own the mil. Imperial and the green irish
tweed. Both I already emptied out but I sure get myself some new creeds soon

52SlimProductions says:

very last comment 🙂 … to agree with you, if I ever were on a date with a
guy, L’Homme would absolutely not be what I would wear. Although, it can,
and does project sweetly, it’s still is masculine.

43jrw says:

Very good review. You helped to make my decision easier. Cheers!

gentsrevs says:

Well there may be two reasons for that. First one is that they simple could
sell a product that it cheaper to be produced. Though I think that’s not
the case. To me I guess they did it purposely. Since they created gingembre
as a fresh scent they might have thought that it would wear too strong for
being so fresh if it would be and EdT.

Atmosphereification says:

Yeah. Great fragrance. Does not last on me though. They even have a flanker
called “Gingembre” and the Le Parfum-version of La Nuit.

gentsrevs says:

@rhaybans Haha … how is that to be understood? 😀

Digemini8 says:

You’re welcome. Yes, L’homme is my signature fragrance. I tried the L’homme
Gingambre but I liked L’homme better. It is subtly but charming… like you

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