Yves-Saint Laurent La Nuit De L’Homme (review)

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My first review from the house of Yves-Saint Laurent (YSL). Hope you enjoy.

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Roger Herriott says:

It’s not the best that I’ve had from them. Libre actually projects better on me than this.

skebaba100 says:

yes projection with this one one(two sprays)is beast mode for me, more than one metre for sure during the first two hours

Roger Herriott says:

Not necessarily true. There are some you can go 2 sprays and that would be the right amount. Then there are others where if you go more than 1 then you’re a walking air freshener

John Landy says:

One spray only with any cologne !!! Any more and you will be that guy

Roger Herriott says:

I haven’t been keeping in touch much here lately on social networks. I will do more but they’re gonna be more spread out I think this time around.

charles h says:

Dude Good Reviews…you should TOTALLY do more man..keep the social network informed on your colognes!! lol

Roger Herriott says:

I doubt they will. LNDL is one of their best sellers.

technicamau5 says:

This is my #1 cologne I wear it and get complements all the time, hopefully YSL doesn’t discontinued this one

Roger Herriott says:

I agree to a point. LNDL projects very well, but I’m just not a big fan of the fragrance. I continue to wear it, but I cannot see myself buying another bottle. Glad you stopped by to see the review and thanks.

rocmd2020 says:

yeah i have the lhomme and this one..great sprayer..but doesnt matter how much you spray. these stay close..and wont over power no matter how much you put on. i love the lhomme but wish it was stronger. this one is a tad stronger..but still not very much projection

Roger Herriott says:

I like it, but I just can’t bring myself to boost it up so high in my collection when I reach for other stuff. One of the guys at work bought it after smelling it on me so I guess it does have a certain appeal.

Roger Herriott says:

I’m glad you enjoy it. Definitely a plus hearing my subs say they enjoy my content :). Your channel is very good also. I gotta check out some more of your work.

CreedFragz34 says:

This stuff is awesome. Tons of compliments. Great review. I am really enjoying your channel bro.

PlayaYoungThugz says:

I blind bourt a 200ml of it.. 10/10 reviewers love it, so it was really safe to me.. some scents are just classics.. I loove it! Its so classy/sexy 🙂

Roger Herriott says:

Mine wasn’t a blind buy thank goodness lol. It grew on me, but it’s not one of my go to bottles in my collection. I wore it when I had worn everything else. It can be cloying if you overapply, or just aren’t a fan of it. I’d say either the cardamom or the caraway is the culprit for the nausea.

supermanwithabeard03 says:

This can get really cloying very quickly. Something about it makes me kind of sick to my stomach. One of my worst blind buys. :

Roger Herriott says:

It’s a good fragrance in all honesty. Good for a night out or with that significant other. I just am not that in love with it though.

ManLovesCologne says:

I should go check this out again. Never was into this series!

Roger Herriott says:

Got it in the mail. Haven’t smelled it yet though. Been crazy busy as of late and this is the first chance I’ve had to check my inbox/comments this week. I do appreciate you going out of your way and doing that for me though. I’ll see if I can get a first impression up on it.

Roger Herriott says:

It’s ok, but not one of the top 10 designer in my book by any means. Smells great though and I’ll continue to wear it.

Roger Herriott says:

That’s a flanker of La Nuit de L’Homme. Never smelled Gingembre. Appreciate the info though!

jhowardgreenthumb says:

There is a l’homme called frosted. Not sure if it smells any different of just changed bottle. Also there is another called ysl l’homme gingembre

jhowardgreenthumb says:

I love that frag. Had a friend of mine in navy. Called me and were talking about frags. He said he was ready for a new bottle and wanted to know what he should get. Told him hands down to get this. He just got this today and called me to thank me. Said he loved it and his wife also loved it. A blind buy for him that was a win. Anyways great video as usual man. Take care and let me know when you get that pure coffee in mail.

dspada67 says:

Yup , it’s a tough one , I like too but I don’t think it projects that well on me . Never had unsolicited complement . Lots of hype in the past.

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