Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L’homme Perfume

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Get it here – http://amzn.to/1NKOiRf

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michael le says:

out of those which one is the best

supaahflyy says:

Jeremy, i went out and bought this 95% on your recommendation and now i have 8 girlfriends and 20 friends with benefits. Thank you.
ps. i am willing to donate some to you as after all you are the reason this is happening

Tyler G says:

How does the frozen cologne version longevity and projection compare to regular la nuit?

alberto manuel navarro gil says:

nice music,of pain & gain

supaahflyy says:

My purchase list
1. Ysl La Nuit De l'homme
2. Bleu de chanel
3. Chanel allure homme sport extreme

im going to be pretty poor after this haha

The Kung Fu Channel says:

Which is better? The Parfume? Or the Eau de Toilett? I heared that the smell different.

Chris Gartin says:

I hear a lot of comparison with Salvatore Farragamo Attimo and la'nuit. What is your thought? Surely la'nuit is a million times better but what are the similarities?

MrDamon76 says:

You are awesome! I totally agree with you.

TGxDirty says:


vaibhav sharma says:


scurlcube says:

Where would you recommend buying this from?

Jace Caufield says:

I was already thinking about getting this cologne but was still thinking about some other ones ad i watch this guy i was sold i was so sold i bought it that night it was an amazing review thank you

maciejej96 says:

Jeremy you should do a giveaway contest :)

James Dempsey says:

lmao this is my favorite cologne and bro got SO hyped about it. Love the enthusiasm. Could've swore he was on some uppers. Salute. Had a bottle in my late teens, smelled it at Macy's last week, buying a bottle ASAP. Thanks, brother

Jalal Cherrouki says:

what do you think about :La nuit de l'homme edt VS la nuit de l'homme parfum

neoblackcyptron says:

if you want to smell like a God independent of opinions of women and become a Greek god get ysl kouros

neoblackcyptron says:

get kouros it's masculine. l homme la nuit is lighter.

Everett Newman says:

can any one tell me if amazon sells an authentic bottle?

Mehreen Shah says:

of course we like it.. it smells like a very good womens perfume, that's why… it does not smell like a sexy man lol

Xcraigy85X says:

Love your reviews man! Thank you

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