Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L’Homme INTENSE

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My First Impression + Mini Review

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Beyonder 1 says:

Concerning actual fragrances, the terms "Extreme"or "Intense" are only adjectives used by the Marketing to fool us! The perfumers are selling us low quality products at a high price on the pretext that it is because of EUROPEAN regulations against materials that can make people allergic but we know it's just bullshit and unfortunately we are still buying their shit. We have to do something to bring back real fragrances with real quality, real longevity and great sillage. You guys can influence our buying decisions so you have to do something about it and tell the truth to the consumers.

Jon Wilkinson says:

Jeremy can you review Voyage d'Hermes ?????????????

jorge salazar says:

you should get your hands on Cristiano Ronaldo new cologne, LEGACY. when it comes out.

Kim Miey says:

In final review you have to do in a hallway

Ha Ge says:

please do more review with ladies opinion. yes we need LADIES OPINION!

Aaron Warner says:

go back to reviewing in the hallway ! that shit was cooler

David Camilleri says:

Listen Jeremy, you need to start doing some reviews on some of the top fragrances in the community. If you want youtube hits and to be taken seriously do some reviews on these fragrances that most of the reviewers consider to be the best of the best. No more reviews on typical designer fragrances.

Here's a few that come to mind that you should focus on that are considered top and most liked by the ladies for compliments:
-Bond no 9 (you haven't even touched on these yet)
-pure malt, pure havanne
-by Killian back to black
-Herod Parfums de Marly
-Tom ford (you haven't done any of these and there are some really good Tom Ford scents like tobacco vanille, oud wood, ect)
-Amouage (you only reviewed one)
-Nasomatto Pardon
-Chergui Serge Lutens

PS….nobody wears Abercrombie except high school kids…lol.

Proxtiv says:

Hey Jeremy, Great vid! I just wanted to ask you for a video for a test on girls with La Luit de L'homme? I've been wearing this scent in highschool and haven't gotten any compliments whatsoever! Am I spraying this wrong or am I just ugly?

Esteban De Bram says:

release date in US?

Gary Moore says:

Look for Sun D'or Pour Homme please, its a cheapy. let us know what you think!!!!

Ediik Sorg says:

Can you make a Review about SPICEBOMB Extreme please ? :)

justin chan says:

Jeremy you should review the flanker ch prive, everyone says it's better and sexier than ch men. I hope you can hype this up like you did with ch men.

justin chan says:

Jeremy you should review ch prive they say it's better than ch men

K Sukumar Reddy says:

@Jeremy Fragrance I'm a big fan of you and your channel. I've these 5 colognes right now.. Am I doing it right? What do you think??
1. YSL la nuit
2. Bleu de chanel
3. Allure homme sport eau extreme
4. 1 Million
5. Creed vetiver

Vicente Ortiz Jr. says:

Can't wait to try intense version,maybe it will work for me….

Freddy Leon says:

hahahaha Best reaction ever hahahahaha +Jeremy Fragance

Andres Rodriguez says:

I just asked jeremy through facebook if he can check CH privé, hope he actually cares lol

i showed that fragrance to 2 girls and it beats la nuit before the drydown (i made the comparison at the boutique)

Eddie Vargas says:

is this parfum intense. or just intense

Eddie Vargas says:

is this parfum intense. or just intense

Mehmet Aygen KAYACAN says:

Mont Blanc Emblem Review pls!!!

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