Yves Saint Laurent – La Nuit De L'homme

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vhira says:

This is the fragrance that I currently use and before I bought this fragrance I use to use Prada Luna Rosa and the prada use to smell strong and the fragrance use to last for hours but the Le Nuit De Le Homme is weak and after spraying it a few hours later you can’t smell anything. Extremely disappointed 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

Jamael Graham says:

Do you have any sexy men's fragrances that can dethrone la Nuit de l'homme

Mike R says:

He bowed to the Asian chick 🤣🤣🤣

Andreas M says:

what smells better the EDP or the Intense EDP? I found the intense EDP smells better than the normal EDT.

Carlos Rodriguez says:

nice video and I wanna try out the intense version of it

Carlos Rodriguez says:

hey Jeremy I have to agree with you its an awesome fragrance I own it and its by far my most complimented fragrance I own but it doesn't really have that long lasting scent like Dior sauvage

Nick Kowalick says:

On a side note I know you have got your new fragrance brand and making a clone would be something you might not be interested in however if you could recreate the original formulation it would be a win because like you many miss this awesome sent. Let’s be honest today’s La Nuit is not even worth owning, but the dna is not dated we need a niche La Nuit in form of the original formulation.

Nick Kowalick says:

You got to do a comparison with the vintage and today’s version with the ladies smelling each.

Austen Hernandez says:

Let’s all sell la nuit for resale for about 350 bucks 🙄😏😒

XTheLegendsX says:

La nuit de l‘homme or Intense Version?

Rania Tayeb says:

Is that le Parfum, eau de parfum or l'eau de toilette ? Which one is better?

Gilda Minter says:

Hi Jeremy can you review Salvador Dali perfumes? Thanks

TheOakRoom says:

Jeremy, when did it get re-formulated?

Jakub Skarbek says:

whats the point of doing comparison for the freshed applied fragrance? it lasts 15-25 minutes, you suppose to compare dry downs

Serge Munitz says:

Jeremy, you never said anything about the flanker, La Nuit de L'Homme le parfum )all black bottler). Any comparison to the two original ones?

Jose Corona says:

Hey Jeremy, thw way you handle the bottle looked like you finna drop it n had me on my toes 😅😅

Jose Corona says:

Where did you find this vintage bottle

Jose Corona says:

Welcome back

Filipe Pinheiro says:

Jeremy Im a perfume collector, 2011 probably 1st reformulation. I have some full bottles of the 2009 first formula and the vintage it is great. The vintage is deep and rich and great performance. It is a good fragrance with a good classic sexy vibe.

Gregory Paul Watson says:

Jeremy thank you for introducing me to this it is my absolute favourite ever! The performance is woeful please use your influence to appeal to ysl to improve the performance

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