Yves Saint Laurent Kouros Vs Body Kouros Review

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Purchase Kouros: http://amzn.to/1bcdSf5 – Body Kouros: http://amzn.to/14Fv5yR CLICK HERE: http://www.manlovescologne.com/yves-saint-laurent-kouros-vs-body-ko…

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ManLovesCologne says:

Yea reformulations galore! LOL!. WHY oh WHY oh WHY??? LOL! Leave it to the brands!

ManLovesCologne says:

I don’t know where they sell those here in San Francisco so I’ll have to find them somewhere to get my nose on them. I can’t wait. Although they’ve raised the prices on those reformulations! 🙁

ManLovesCologne says:

I loved Obsession and wore it in the late 80s when I was in my late teens. I loved that fragrance so much. Kouros was a different one where my dad wore it and I learned to wear it from him. I would like to get my nose on vintage bottle as I’ve kind of forgotten a little about the scent but most of it is pretty much similar so it’s all fine and all. Body Kouros is so different that I love having both in my collection. Thanks for stopping by to watch and comment!

ManLovesCologne says:

Actually I have not smelled any of the Kours flankers but even though I’m not so much a sport fragrance fan for some reason Kouros sounds like one I’d like to smell because it’s such a potent fragrance. I’ll look it up. Thanks for stopping by to watch and comment!

Steve Kinyash says:

There is a rare flanker eau de sport that I’d luv to smell but for now I’m trying to get my nose on the new kouros sport cologne. Have you tried it?

Geurenland says:

Nice one ! Kouros was nice but it passed by me because I used fresher scents and later as a overwelming seeet scrnt it was Obsession for night outs. But still I can see people grabbing for it and try to find vintage bottles. Nice how you explain about the difference. Will just try them both.

Tal Mamatov says:

True, all the oldies are now in those collection geometrically challenged bottles, smaller sizes for more money. But the juice is the same, thank god for small favors 🙂

ManLovesCologne says:

I have Rive Gauche! I love it! And I remember being a little one in the 70s when my mom wore the original Rive Gauche Pour Femme in Lebanon! I loved that bottle as a kid and wanted it all to myself! LOL! Now I have the mens. The canister looking bottle that is. I have not smelled the flankers for the mens and I hear they have now put it in a different bottle and made it more expensive. True? But I love the barber shop vibe in the mens but can’t remember the women’s! Appreciate you stopping by 🙂

ManLovesCologne says:

It’s certainly cozy for sure. I know some peopled can’t stand Kouros the original. But I can tolerate both! LOL!. There aren’t a lot that I hate there are a few but it’s not Kouros! Thanks again!

ManLovesCologne says:

Howdy! Yes Body Kouros has been reformulated so I never got the previous bottle or smelled the previous version! 🙁 It’s funny you mention Boss Bottled. Did you know that the nose for Body Kouros and Boss Bottled are the same? I have a video that I’m putting up tomorrow and both of those as well as others are featured by this wonderful nose Annick Menardo. Check it out tomorrow!! Appreciate you stopping by to watch and comment! 🙂

ManLovesCologne says:

They are potent! But you know what I think you might like Body Kouros! It’s just Kouros is pretty darn powerhouse potent. I know you like Fresh so they are not unfortunately fresh! 🙁

ManLovesCologne says:

I need to try the Ted Lapadus again. I wore it in the 80s and was a quieter fragrance brand. Thanks for reminding me of it now I have more to check out! LOL!. Appreciate you stopping by to watch and comment.

ManLovesCologne says:

WOW you’re a big fan huh Claus? Yes it’s a masterpiece from that era of excess! 🙂 I can’t believe how many formulations they have had though? And I’ve never smelled the flanker for Kouros. I love the bottles too. I think very historic fragrances for sure! Thanks so much for watching and commenting as always! 🙂

ManLovesCologne says:

Yes it’s great and its’ so damn cheap! Get it right now! LOL! Ok you can wait a little! 🙂

ManLovesCologne says:

Have you tried the latest reformulation? It might not be as bad you know! Try it perhaps you might like. And yes Body Kouros is quite nice. I’m a huge fan of Annick Menardo and her fragrances! And BK is def one of her great masterpieces! I have a Top 5 Annick Menardo video coming very soon so look out for that one! Thanks so much for watching and commenting! Appreciate it!

ManLovesCologne says:

I had to look up scrubber! 🙂 LOL! No worries I’m one of those folks that can tolerate a lot of fragrances but there are a few that I can’t. Fortunately Kouros and Body Kouros are ones I can tolerate and love and use! 🙂 Thanks much for stopping by!

ManLovesCologne says:

They are both classic I think but the original Kouros is the kind of them all! You should try Body Kouros and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. It’s a nice benzoiny fragrance with eucalyptus and incense! Thanks for stopping by! Appreciate it!

LucidScents says:

kouros is one of those rare fragrances that i’m unable to tolerate on almost every level. body kouros, however, is a completely different beast. much, much nicer, good fragrance for the colder weather.

QWERTYOP80 says:

Very useful video. I HATE Kouros, so I’ve never even considered Body Kouros, but it sounds like they’re poles apart.

Greggieboy76 says:

Body Kouros is a ‘Scrubber’ for me lol. Kouros is OK, but not to my taste. Great vid buddy

CreedFragz34 says:

Now I have to get Kouros. I have body Kouros and I like it a lot. Great review and info as always Seb.

VikingShaver says:

Kouros – The best scent ever made 11/10. Body Kouros, a very nice high quality flanker 9/10. I own 3 versions of Kouros, 2 versions of Body Kouros. The Kouros have gone weaker and more pleasant in the new formula. The Body Kouros’s smell the same to my nose – just the bottles have changed in design. Claus from Denmark

dspada67 says:

Nice one! On to my second bottle of BK , Love it! Not as powerful as it used to be. A better version of King K for me is Ted Lapadus PH, Much stronger and more complex.

Hyden Royce says:

Is it just me or has YSL changed the bottles once again? That’s twice in one year! Get your act together or I’ll come over there! LOL. Lovely video, Sebastiano.

wagsbass says:

Never tried these, but it sounds like something i would dislike.

topgear1138 says:

Body Kouros is one of the few fragrances I have a backup bottle of along with Boss Botled, but your Body Kouros bottle looks different than mine. Is it an older bottle?

Tal Mamatov says:

Sebastian, great comparison, very informative. what are your thoughts on another ysl classic, rive gauche?

Redolessence says:

Excellent comparison, Sebastian!

Joeanthony1227 says:

Nice vid……as always.I’m looking to try body Kouros but I always seem to forget to check it out when I go to the stores…I have to do that next time.Great take

thunderstorm70 says:

Good one, Seb. I’m trying Kouros out today. It’s not that bad. It does smell like a urinal cake at first spray, but then it mellows and I get a fresh, soapy smell. I bought Kouros thinking I’ll rarely wear it and just wanted it in my collection, but I will actually wear it occasionally now. Lol.

topgear1138 says:

I really like Body Kouros a lot. It is nice and warm and cozy as well as sexy. But I can’t stand Kouros. It is the only fragrance I have ever tried that literally made me cry.

rugby721 says:

Kouros remains one of my favorite fragrances, is a masterpiece: The Gold. I hope they never change the bottle or packaging. Egosite is other of my favorites fragrances. Can you give other perfumes that the creator of Kouros has also invented?

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