Yves Saint Laurent introduces Glycobiology

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Discover Glycobiology, one of the 10 sciences that will change future medicine according to M.I.T1 1 Technology Review of Massachusetts Institute of Technol…

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PeggyfromPorcupine says:

sorry for the bad grammar and mis-spelling. Argh….

PeggyfromPorcupine says:

nice to know that our research is validated. Glycobiology is the new science and people are beating a path to get the next best product out using this science. However Since one company owns the patent for the only non-synthetic source of this product, Yves Saint Laurent can only use synthetically derived glycans. It does, however, validate how good glycan products are (the ‘real one’) when a big company such as YSL is willing to spend all this money on research. Ours own product is out soon.

Sonny Eanes says:

I have been using the True Plant Sourced glyconutrients for almost 18 years. Knowing that all that Yves Saint Laurent/L’Oreal research is based on the discoveries of the original researchers that we have been directly involved with is comforting. The only difference is that ours ARE Plant Sourced and NOT Synthetic.

Wayne Lee says:

I’m so thankful my family and me are on the real ones, and not synthetic. I have been investigating them since 2002 and have come to realize its is the biggest discovery in my life.

Marion Culhane says:

It’s great that we know we don’t have to go to Yves Saint Laurent to learn about Glycobiology and the importance of these vital sugars. We have been working directly with the original researchers who have been producing these essential polysaccharides in a broader, more affordable variety of forms for almost two decades.

Ken Anderson says:

Scientists everywhere are discovering the value of Glyconutrients, glycoproteins, glyco nutritionals, glyco-lipids and the eight necessary carbohydrates (the good sugars). I have been studying them for over 18 years now and I know it’s at best discovery of my lifetime.

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