Yves Saint Laurent Home Private Visit

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Take a privileged tour of the magnificent apartment of late Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge and discover the exceptional artworks that will go up for auc…

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TASconfidential says:

Why should pierre Berge be persecuted for the Chinese statues, thechinese has done nothing but rob and “Loot” the entire world of fashion…… I.e. counterfeit goods. YSL deserved reparations! Lol

vsboy25 says:

meanwhile in India

ryanh206 says:

The Eileen Gray chair alone sold for $28 million USD

BellisVintage says:

I love YSL’s taste and variety in the design of his homes. I have created a video on my channel of his homes - they are such an inspiration.

Jesus Cristo says:


Julia Cake says:

Love it x
Julia Cake

ZHammerUK says:

I love this.

Leon Tyger says:

ca c’est trop

onlyoncie says:

Glad to see Constantin Brancusi’s (Romanian sculptor) “Madame R.L.” The inspiration for this is clear Romanian folklore.
It was sold in 2009 for 37.1 Million.

Steven Westhydeman says:

This is what my Heaven will look like, where you could literally dive into an eternity’s worth of stories behind each and every work of art, every single sculpture, painting, furnishing, all of it it timeless and priceless, that’s what Heaven means to me.

Malegnius says:

You can definitely recognize his passion for exotic prints, furs, and art. I like it though, but I could live without the leopard/cheetah fur furniture.

scudder99 says:

Beautiful, but the fur is unpleasant and distasteful by today’s standards.

massivetuber says:

Once a thief, always a thief.

fenwaystroll says:

YSL: “I bought the pieces because they complement the color of my golden bidet in the guest room of my chateau. The set is a fine addition, and I feel protected. It is little consolation for the many millions I lost over the years to the Chinese counterfeiting of my products.”

bruinnumberone says:

I like how you incorporated the two Chinese pieces into the living room mantle, Mr. Laurent. Good interior decorating. The Chinese can go _crew themselves since they have been looting other countries for years without much reproach. The Chinese have been stealing from Mr. Laurent’s profits and potential income for years with his name brand knockoffs in the black market all over the world. The Chinese know where they can stick the relics if they think they got screwed.

jeanandbilly says:

Correction – 373.5 Million euros.
I could listen to this piece of music all evening…

jeanandbilly says:

And to think everything’s been sold. 273.6 Million euros. RIP Monsieur Saint Laurent.

luxuryculture says:

Thank you, the artist is 19 years old.

qinyuyunlong says:

Pierre Berge is Biggest Thief in the world! It is even worse that making his profit by auctioning looted Chinese two 18th Century bronze statues by British and French forces during the Second Opium War in 1860.

Mr Berge has said China would have to greatly improve its attitude towards human rights before he would consider handing them over. I think he should be jailed for being a thief before talks, a thief ( and thief nation) talks about human rights? what joke!

Olivia Wilcox says:

i love the music. where can i find it??

jeanandbilly says:

Thank you for sharing this with us. You seem terribly busy but could you let us know when you return here about the music that goes with this video?Its absolutely beautiful.

garripotter777 says:

Very well done.
The person who made it must have been very artistically talented.

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