Yves Saint Laurent haute couture fall winter 1995 – part 1

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The Master.

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Timothy Kiah says:

isn’t it

AzzedineAliaFan says:

I agree, and hi!! we chatted some time ago!!

MANILABOY6631 says:

Thank you stylerunner7 for sharing what is truly beautiful ! 🙂

swimmerzo says:

I love the second models jacket, the fourth’s skirt, sevenths jacket, (the
ninth looks like Anne Hathaway), elevenths jacket, twelfths dress, and the
fifteenth’s blouse. I love it all in general

Astor - Kleomenis Stathoulopoulos says:

Thank you so much for posting this – i love YSL and i love Fashion shows of
the 70’s, 80’s and the 90’s. Could you please tell me the name of the model
at 8:45 ??? She is really most elegant!!! Klement Statten Astor – Berlin,

ZHammerUK says:


Damir Dervisagic says:

😀 Just check out Karen from 01:20 part and tell me that she is not the
most beautiful one?!?!

andrewjamesmacleod says:

I feel fashion lacks this regality and importance today. So much of this
would still be wearable today! The fit is divine… when I see this, I
realize how ‘too small’ the cut of clothing is today. Beautiful colour
combinations – 9:00 is heavenly! The beauty is the non-presence of the
vulgarity of ostentation. Unobjectifying fashion at its finest; these are
clean, elegant clothes for intelligent, profound and purposeful women. I
appreciate St. Laurent more now. Thank you!

MANILABOY6631 says:

Too bad the fashion world NOW is dangerously short of cultivated people.
Difficult to let go of a legacy that served as a meter stick by which all
fashion creations were judged. Madame Sarkozy is the epitome of elegance in
this show. Her grooming, movement and gesture streamlined.

bigeetah says:

Her name is Chrystele Saint Louis Augustin. She had an amazing ‘afro’..

Ace Referiza says:

I guess Raf Simons flower-adorned walls in his Fall Winter 2012 show were a
rip-off from this YSL show from 1995., hahaha

andrewjamesmacleod says:

I agree – it’s nice to see in the old shows (even as recently as 2002 or
’03) models who look like women, rather than children.

petplayer999 says:

Thank You for posting ! I watch it over and over again !

David McAffrey says:

my goodness, the pink coat at the end is to die for

David McAffrey says:

It’s so refreshing to see Real Women on the catwalk. Women who have seen
the world perhaps, with a little experience and cultivation. And the way
they move!! I’m swooning!!

Maverick 260 says:

This is amazing; I’m in heaven’ this is so absolutely amazing!

madboy29 says:

You sure do have a point. Its unfortunate that the Industry doesn’t have
this kind of craftsmanship today. But you can find designers like Oscar De
La Renta who still respect the females desire to buy elegant and classic
silhouettes like the ones you see here.

tanio12 says:

“I feel fashion lacks this regality and importance today. So much of this
would still be wearable today! The fit is divine… when I see this, I
realize how ‘too small’ the cut of clothing is today.” Totally agree with
you I do. Yves, Oscar , Bill and Valentino always knew how to appreciate
the beauty and regality of a woman. Nowadays the clothes are uninspiring
and the models are boring.

TheReturnOfStephan1 says:

@whatever456 I agree with every part of your post, but, remember, by this
time, the supermodels had become too powerful within the industry. They
began calling the shots, becoming more important to the public than even
some of the designers, photographers & fashion editors & critics…and
their petty egos would NOT stand for that, so, they started hiring TONS of
nondescript girls w/ no personality & boys who look like some European
pedophile’s fantasy, instead of the muscular, masculine guys.

RiveGauche1999 says:

Lovely thank you!!!

Lisa Simpson Rules says:

@whatever456 Probably it’s true. I’ve noticed that nowadays, models never
take off the coats they are wearing. They are just paraded completely open
so that you can see what’s underneath. Many of our modern models wouldn’t
be able to take their jackets, coats, gloves, etc off with elegance. Or
maybe it happens that designers don’t want their models to do things like
that anymore.

StephanAOTTO1 says:

It doesn’t get any better than this.:)

petplayer999 says:

The Maestro !!! Simply Great !!!

Brandon Fer says:

what i call classy women

sammy7819 says:

Class, Pure Class, That’s what Yves Saint Laurent was all about. He knew
how to make Beautiful Clothes. And make women look Beautiful in them

Timothy Kiah says:

You are right on target man. Yves Saint Laurent is and was my fashion Idol.
I wanted to be just like him growing up. I’m 44 and wanted to be a fashion
designer every since I was 4 years old. Granted I wasn’t able to make that
dream come true, but I miss The legend of Saint Laurent and the models up
until Naomi Campbell, Christy turlington Linda Evangelista etc. These new
girls today can’t walk, they are ugly and have no personality whatsoever.
Fashion is drab and there is nothing like Couture!

whatever456 says:

This is beautiful. Just what high style is supposed to be. Elegant,
hyperfeminine. Soigne. And the women are fantastic. Why don’t models now
know how to walk like this with feminine sophistication, just the right
amount of arch hauteur. Madame Sarkozy is perfect. They all are. So
stylish, such easy elegance. Models now are nothing but a bunch of anorexic
sullen idiots. These women are worldly. They understand the idea of couture
as well as the individual garments. Wonderful

Trinity5754 says:

Yves Saint Laurent is the “Mozart” of the high fashion world. A prodigy and
a gifted talent who made a mark on it’s world legacy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He left
what is arguably a “CLASSIC” of all ages, what define fashion is all about!!

099ACDC says:

Oh!!!! Very sexy and elegance!!! Ooooh!!! And Karen Mulder – my favourite
model!!! The best top-model of 90’s, IMHO!

vivo-fur says:

Карла Бруни-Саркози на 3 минуте просто божественна! Коллекция совсем не
теряет своего очарования!

Brandon Fer says:

DON GIOVANNI! the music goes great with these beautiful clothes

Sebastian Wendel says:

…. diese mode beweist: frauen müssen nicht halbnackt daher kommen um
verführerisch zu sein :-)

Esraa saleh says:


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