Yves Saint Laurent Hand Bag Review

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Hey guys hope you like this travel vlog! MISS YOU ALL BY THE WAY. If I should vlog more when I travel let me know in the comments below

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Jasmin says:

Why shouldn’t Muslims can’t do sth in Vegas ??? There are million things !! There aren’t so many differences ??!!

Полина Елизарова says:

Who cares about the hotel room you stayed in?..

_simplyriska_ Bahri says:

can i please ask what vlogging camera you use? thanksss

Rob Kinnison says:


moonwitch says:

Make more vlogs !

Yassmeen A says:

where is your blue top from?

Celina K says:

WISH I saw this a few weeks ago !! Was visiting LA with some friends and we wanted to go to drive to vegas but since we're Muslim we were like what are we going to do there, so we didn't go 😭 regrets lol

Abdis Sweety says:

An updated rveryday makeup tutorial

Abdis Sweety says:

Do a makeup tutorial

Muhammed Dharani says:

Boys and girls don’t be Misguided..the only thing for a Muslim to do in Vegas is bring people to Islam. Everything there wants to pull you towards shaythan..hence sin city

Tami K says:

OMGG I need deets on the outfit you where wearing on your 2nd day 😍😍

mary tremendous says:

Yes i did enjoy it. But try to show more of the stuff like while doing shooping … more of the products during shooping hotels etc

zainub ismael says:

Are those you real eyes, or are they contacts?

Princess Cupcake says:

The title is wrong .. its what you do in Vegas not muslims

Jennifer Cordova says:

The MGM is actually on the strip though

Unicorn the III says:

Do a video on how to convince my mom to let me wear a crop top please!!!

Waleeja Naeem says:

Which camera do you use for filming?

Maya says:

How come the hijab video got deleted?

Kimia Ranjbar says:

do you have lip filler or botox cause it looks reallly nice and natural

Jowan I Barwari says:

Do you purposely use the word " fliipin " or is it because your husband speaks British ??😂😂😭😭😭😂😂💀😂

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