Yves Saint Laurent – Fall/Winter 2010/2011 Women Fashion Show

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Great stylish designs on the YSL FW 2010-2011 fashion show.

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Rafikolors says:

This is art. But I must confess music is what I love the most in this.

Mery Nickberi says:

please people of fashion am a new gay how is trying to be a designer this is one of my show here in madrid (spain) please watch it ad tell me your opinion thank 4 your atettion LOVE YVES SAINT LAURENT nice collecton and estfeano pilati make it more biger the name of yves saint laurent calecction by colection

Anne Diouf says:

I think when a women covers up once in a while, it’s super sexy. btw i’m a women.

MsSMC23 says:

love the fashion show,amazing!!

Lina Donald says:

Ikr…?? 😀 <3

Faith Johnson says:

YSL will always be YSL when the clothes have such a timeless,elegance that not many can achieve

LiveBrite says:

God always loves you

strawberriesncandii says:

Whoever is in charge of Yves Saint Laurent’s fashion house should really open his/her eyes. This man made his mark in the fashion industry by looking at what the women lacked. He invented the trousers for women and made his runaway eclectic. I have got to say Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel are probably my favorite designers of all time.

strawberriesncandii says:

The looks were beautiful but if YSL was still alive he would be disappointed. YSL loved diversity and that’s what made he unique and set himself apart from other designers. Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent are biggest fashion contributors in history. Yves loved all skin colors. He’s the one that opened doors for people like Naomi Campbell and Iman and showed the world the black is beautiful. He was a beautiful man indeed. It’s sad how the fashion houses are so lackluster.

ditrataral says:

too dark, not visible at all, too many large chains and plastic accents, cute skirt at 7:41pm, other than that the nun theme is not that interesting

Katherine Cowell says:

Biglive.com is playing this and other new videos, and you can chat and watch (for free of course)! Czech it out!

MANILABOY6631 says:

It is not couture… I am sad 🙁

MrSTYLE75 says:

Sobriété,tenu et dynamisme: le créateur Stefano PILATI nous propose pour cette collection encore et toujours des hommages au style de M. SAINT LAURENT. C’est à la fois inventif et respectueux du style. Il y a un certain classicissme mais très énergique. L’histoire d’une femme mystérieuse et élégante. La légèreté est de mise mais d’un raffinement extrême….

Ashley Beckett says:

WTB 720p.

Ashley Beckett says:

WTB 720P.

Jennifer Chanchall says:

This is beautiful – it’s timeless yet a little eccentric.

linecerise says:

Oh, amazing designs!  I like the blue shoes!

watchFashionNews says:

Impressive designs – which one you liked? Our fav is the yellowish-flower dress on 09:40

roarul says:

Uh, simply LOVE IT!!!!

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