Yves Saint Laurent Fall 2012 Makeup Collection

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Yves Saint Laurent Fall 2012 Collection Review: http://www.beautezine.com/yves-saint-laurent-fall-2012-makeup-collection-review-photos-swatches/ Blog – http:…

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Beautezine says:

Sounds like a complexion enhancer/highlighter. Basically adds color, warmth and brightness to skin.

Saima Kiddie says:

Since you are a YSL fan, maybe you can answer this for me. I have found YSL Collector Face Palette for half price only on line.Mineral luminosity at it’s purest is found in this one of a kind collector palette. All over the face or in small touches, this harmony will give a rosy finish to your spring look. The lightweight ultra fine texture functions as billions of mirror facets catch every ray of light, diffusing it all around and brightening any complexion.
Can you tell me what it is?

oxa4pinoo says:

like the eyeshadow

Esther Melange says:

One of my favourite collections ever. I have that exact shade of lipstick and it’s beautiful, an amazing formulation as well. I just found your channel and I love it. You do a fantastic job! Cheers!

Saima Kiddie says:

Hi, I would like to buy the couture palette. But I do not want a high lighter. Does this look good as a blusher. Most blushers are very pink and bright. And sometimes you need something less bright. So is it worth buying?

Carol Awabdy says:

do you think I’ll need Chromatics no 10 if I have Guerlain Ecrin 4 couleurs no 3 (les verts)??

Marsha A. Branch says:

You are SO right about the YSL nail polish brush and formula. I recently ordered my first three (Bleu Majorelle, Bronze Aztec and Beige Leger). Bronze Aztec arrived today and when I tried it, I was amazed at how easily it applied (without much effort) giving my nails that spa look. Just from how the polish sat on my nails, I could tell it would last. I think my love affair with Essie just ended. With Chanel, it never began (their polishes don’t last past 3 days). YSL lacquers are my new love!

jackie Elias says:

what make up brushes are you using

TheLolafemme says:

That lipstick is gorgeous. 

JustineJustified says:

I could not stop staring at your lips! They just POP! <3

Ileanna Perrusquía says:

O M G !!! Thats the second video i already saw u. and its super cool !
Subscrite DONE

aandrews206 says:

Your lips – STUNNING! Ah! 🙂 love this look on you!

lullabellaa8 says:

can you please do a review of the urban decay naked foundation? 🙂

MsLusciouslaura says:

That lipstick (the one you are wearing in this video) just HAS to be the one Kourtney Kardashian wears!!!

Beautezine says:

Thanks! I am a blogger so I do lots of photos 🙂

Beautezine says:

Yeah SLP is just the couture line 🙂 YSL makeup will stay YSL.

Beautezine says:

Nope it was OCC!

Beautezine says:

Aww thank you!

Beautezine says:


Beautezine says:

Tiffany & Co, it’s the mini bow pendant

citydoll22 says:

Love the lipstick! 🙂

jrd says:

You look gorgeous!

snowmemories says:

Love ur necklace:) where did u get it?

Jen Auner says:

The eyeshadow looks SO good on you!

Twinkly Bean says:

this look is better than Bobbi Brown’s dessert twilight! loveeee

emzadia says:

Not everyone can wear that red lipstick, but you rock it, especially with those pearly white teeth. I found the way you applied it to the cupids bow interesting, I’ll have to try that. And I don’t usually wear goldtone shadows, but those look so good on you!

Kayli Harig says:

You look absolutely stunning!!

NiniStyleFiles says:

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Thanks – Nini L

xJordanxox says:

what brush did you use for the palette couture highlighting powder? is it bdellium?

stacyg318 says:

Got to grab a few of these items, especially the lipstick & highlighting powder!! Loving it 🙂

MsOzz1983 says:

I love the eyeshadow quad

KimMae173 says:

Ooh I love your lipstick!

musicc331 says:

so happy that the packaging is still YSL and not SLP

Kittykatt612 says:

that lipstick is so pretty 

Christy Wagner says:

love that lipstick!

Hong Le says:

Wow yr lipstick is beautiful !!

Meeperz191 says:

That lipstick!

lilhiphopgirl101 says:

I can’t help but notice how beautiful your thumbnail pictures look.

clarestutorials says:

Btw…your really pretty!

clarestutorials says:


railbuggy says:

I’ve been looking for YSL Palette Couture Highlighting Powder but I couldn’t find it. Do you know where can I buy it?

Oshin Sr says:

The Nº 203 Rouge Rock is gorgeous. It’s so happy! Loving it.

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