Yves Saint Laurent – Elle – Coco Rocha

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Yves Saint Laurent – Elle – Coco Rocha The song is called Gold Lion by the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s.

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Ewelina Kocenko says:

Uwielbiam ten zapach, dla mnie numer jeden!!!

xnatasjaxx says:

not in my view she’s totally NOT. But hey, I understand that you think so,
because otherwise you wouldn’t be posting this vid. And that’s great,
everyone’s allowed to have an opinion :).

ac2394 says:

I love Coco

Luna Nunes says:

@bubbleheadification Gold Lion – Yeah Yeah Yeah’s

0dour says:

not a model (or at least not a well known one)

xnatasjaxx says:

Coco just doens’t have IT in looks, but she seems like a friendly girl. Not
beautiful. Don’t hate me if you disagree, I won’t hate you if you think of
her as beautiful. Red lipstick and smokey eyes look good on anyone. I like
the music though.

edwac says:

Gold Lion by the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s

soniccage says:

The music is so-so, she’s cute

fruitsalad221 says:

She seems so… perfect. O.o

edwac says:

omg the song is amazing, its called gold lion – by the yeah yeah yeahs

TomLinkens says:

Rest In Peace Yves Saint Laurent.

200justme says:

Your Welcome! 😉

LondonSnaps1 says:

I love Coco!! 😀

bediverestonewortr says:

She looks so hot and daring

sokerhead says:

i hate it went a bit overboard & the music was horrible like drowning cats

MsHeleni says:

tell me please what the music is?

3seren says:

i want her eyes..

yankat369 says:

coco rocha, model from canada

Baambi Delevingne says:

I love her eyes *-* !! Coco < 33 !!

Puccikizz says:

is elle discontinued?

xnatasjaxx says:


200justme says:

Gold Lion by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs

KatRaymundo says:

This might be a lil’ off the line but I was just wondering. What is the
brand and the color of her lippie?? I so ♥ it.

mkextra05 says:


lottywood says:

Get over it…

geekRox says:

gold lion – yeah yeah yeahs ;D

Peachez87 says:

Her, Jessica and Daria are the best Canadian models out there!

supertouta1 says:

my favorite one <3

SilverNepenthes says:

Ico(co)nic! 😀

Cullenholic says:

I so love this advert!

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