Yves Saint Laurent Cosmetic Review

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To visit my blog post about this review http://makeupgameonpoint.com/2012/05/28/yves-saint-laurent-cosmetic-review/ twitter: http://www.twitter.com/LilPumpki…

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EbonySings4u says:

What lip color are you wearing here?

msmullins23 says:

im going in my 2nd ysl pen #4. it lasts about a yr and a half i use daily under eye, above brow bone & on my nose. i havent found a replacement its that good so cost per wear is worth the price!

MissKona2009 says:

what’s a comparable product to this ysl concealer? ty

MissKona2009 says:

wow… do u have a tutorial for this look? ty!

Zahra Kurd says:

i lovee thisssssssssssssssssssssssss look 

Bychance37 says:

Hi Jackie, do you have a video for this look?

Kwnstantina17 says:

… hi!… I’m a new subbie and I have curly hair (just like yours in this video)… could you please make a hair care/ routine video?… thanks!…

lilpumpkinpie05 says:

Thanks 🙂 

lilpumpkinpie05 says:

Since you’re like the 3rd or 4th person to suggest that I think I’m going to have to do just that!

lilpumpkinpie05 says:

Thanks 🙂 

lilpumpkinpie05 says:

Thanks for sharing! I’m going to have to look into that!

rainbowbrite1804 says:

great review…love the curls doll!

Parisian737 says:

Great payout on the lipsticks too…Fard A Levres, Pur Rouge Couture and Rouge Volupte in that order are great :-)!

Parisian737 says:

Love your video…as always 🙂 ! You should try the Touche Eclat #4, it’s for coloured girls…lol. Im a tad bit darker than you and it works well for my skin tone. Also try YSL’s Golden Gloss, they are infused with gold dust. I wear #’s 2, 3, 4 , 11, 12, 14, 15 and 19.

Sandra Rox says:

That hair looks GREAT on you!! 😀

lilpumpkinpie05 says:

The mascara is amazing!

princessjt100 says:

I def want to try the mascara!! I love their Brillance Et Eclat D’or Shimmering Lip gloss, its Awesome!!


right this mascara is amazing, but i want to try the touch éclat for this summer time;.but i don’t like the shinny of the eye liner..;

Tamarah Lacroix says:

Always gorgeous !!!! =)

MegKrish says:

The YSL pencil eyeliner, “regarde dessin” i think it’s called is super amazing in my opinion its extremely creamy and pigmented and lasts all day.

Nexialicious says:

I have touche éclat in shade 4 and I also have this mascara. The mascara is great, but it really doesn’t last very long, and even the people that worked at the beauty store agreed with me. The liquid gets thick very fast. For the touche éclat, I don’t have any problem with it and I think that it does its job.

CosmeticChronicles says:

I just wanted to say I LOVE your hair in this video! Suits you so much! Obviously make-up is great too 😉

uptowngrl575 says:

This look on you is gorgeous!

La-Shawn Clarke says:

love the curly hair!!!

Destiny Godley says:

great review <3 the hair! 

lilpumpkinpie05 says:

Aww why thank you 🙂

irplee says:

The Hair is lovely!

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