Yves Saint Laurent Babydoll Mascara featuring Cara Delevingne

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Shop Yves Saint Laurent at Sephora: http://seph.me/ZWkji5.

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Harmina1D says:

cara est parfaite <3

Myat Thura says:

i just died for a bit .. no biggie.

carrotloverful says:

she’s perfect

Naz Coşkun says:

cara is so sexy, can’t hold my tears……….

Rosi Solorio says:

Follow me on instagram @rosisolorio

Sophia Garkov says:

in need of the full version of the song!

mauiigiirl says:

Chuck Berry’s «Oh Baby Doll» track, remixed by the «La femme» group

Bec Locket says:

Want this song.

Isabel La says:

cool idea with this clip!

lolataah says:

what’s the lipstick she’s wearing ?

daniela santos says:

so fu*kimg perfect !! :) love ya cara <33333

oneiroxsi says:

so SEXyyy viDEo!!

HausOfKath says:

She’s very pretty. :!

Cara's Heart says:

Omg, Cara is perfect

laurenkc96 says:

its a cover by la femme but i cant find it

oldbluevintagejeans says:

whaaaaaat’s the song? I know that it is “oh baby doll” but I can’t find the name of the woman singer

Sternkind2 says:

i want her life!

H520AEN352 says:

You are a parasite. -II–III–II–II–II- When will you die?

laurenkc96 says:

this will be my last comment because talking to you has actually lowered my iq. the only thing im confirming is that you need to seek some help for your mental health. oh and the audio on your video was incredibly shit. please, dont reply because i actually do not give a fuck

laurenkc96 says:

oh yeah so you delete your own comment that shows what a retard you were because you were the imbecile who thought the sound was stuffed. hahha well congrats on getting the award for being a ‘stupid fuck’

lushdaisies says:


laurenkc96 says:

the song is called baby doll remixed by la femme but i cant seem to fund ut anywhere 🙁

laurenkc96 says:

the song is called baby doll remixed by la femme but i cant seem to fund ut anywhere 🙁

laurenkc96 says:

the song is called baby doll remixed by la femme but i cant seem to find it anywhere 🙁

laurenkc96 says:

its part of the song for the music to fade…..

paperb0at says:

She make me think of Hinarani DELONGEAUX, Miss Tahiti 2013.

ninasgottamakeit says:

sh has no green eyes!!

martimarsss says:

Don’t you sometimes cry cause you’re not cara delevingne because i do

Shakira Sohi says:

She’s so perfect omg I wanna be her

Olivia Schneider says:

Omg I love cara she perf <3

heyhellohiyajessica says:


lima vada says:

Loooove cara

Aimee corneliusx says:

who sings this version of the song????? I love it xx

TheJoe9219 says:

Loved that she had natural lashes

Dylaney Day says:


seeker453 says:

She is so pretty.

likac92009 says:

The nail polish is amazing. What’s that shade?

montse garcia says:

Hey who sing this song ?

Shannon Prince says:

Oh Sephora, you so silly. You know why they had to post this again. Remove the full frontal nudity and a guy orally pleasing Cara! Haha!

DanceLover151 says:

She’s so beautiful <3

Marina Xaykosy says:


Emma Anderson says:

@pawgTV the original song is called “Oh Babydoll” by chuck berry its kinda old like in the 50s but im not really sure who this version is by sorry :/ mabey you can search covers of this song till you find the right version 🙂

pawgTV says:

the name of song is Baby Doll but it’s not enough… someone know the artist, please?

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