Yves Saint Laurent – A/W 2008/09 (showstudio.com)

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To show his Autumn/Winter 2008 menswear collection for Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche, creative director Stefano Pilati broke the mould of the traditional ca…

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ElDlOlN says:


xofranx says:

simon woods is a real charmer !! im in loveee <3

dannymommens says:

that’s not the original soundtrack

playthetragicx says:

hey where can i find this exact song!?? i see the name but when i went to
look for it… the songs were alot different then this one.

Audrey Fox says:

Actually I like this better than the other soundtrack.

marianstefan1 says:


NYRanimaciones says:

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOE amazing. thank you girl (or boy) for uploadng
this. and the valeria prison´s ones 🙂 beautiful

rogfedserwil says:

lou reed’s “Oh jim” mixed in part with LCD Soundsystem’s “Sound of Silver”

Sergey Tantushyan says:


pamjabi says:

i love this video

kristaannashley says:

omh he’s from that movie with christina ricci! wow he looks good and so
does the collection

oscar mendoza says:

im completely in luv with this video,, it does an amezing job showcasing
men’s fashion…. and i luv menswear….

isolm194 says:

what crap

alikrify says:

amazing, stylish music

Oliver Zhang says:

who is the model

isjw1979 says:

oh my hole , this styles are hottyyyy my hole is heating !!!! i’ll buy some

joss364 says:

awful music

CL LZRNU says:

this is the one with just with the entire LCD Soundsystem sound of silver
track. the original also had Lou Reed:Oh Jim,,,Portishead:Strangers,,and
David Bowie:Heroes Symphony(Aphex Twin Mix)

alikrify says:

Perfect ad! Everything made in a great quality!

jossiqua says:

Sounds of Silver by LCD Soundsystem

Laurence Hines says:

what song is this?

jessegyllenhaal says:

i read about this in DETAILS and im amazed at YSLs new line. it does
justice to a mens line that never gets an GLAM or attention; compared to
the womens line. YSL might have a new fan…

stealthis says:

it’s not that hard to find.

joshua fache says:

Tots love it! What is the song, does anyone know?

dreamcrusher5 says:

c’est magnifique! l’toujours!

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