Young Thug, Gunna & Lil Baby’s “Chanel” Explained | Song Stories

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Young Thug dropped his latest project ‘Slime Language’ in mid-August, and the sixth track “Chanel (Go Get It)” seems to have caught the most attention of listeners. In addition to racking up over 6 million Spotify streams within the first two weeks of its release, the Gunna and Lil Baby collaboration is rising up the Genius Top Songs chart—at the time of publication, it occupies the No. 3 slot.

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Comments says:

gunna and lil baby are trash. sorry. thugger's a genius.

Aheim says:

They need a collab tape

Leonardo Khalifa says:


Cooper Deniro says:

Can you explain the part where they talk about money?

Rohun Joshi says:

The fuck y'all gotta explain this for? Slow day in the office?

joseph Gnapi says:

Did this really have to be explained?

Odin McQueen says:

audemar > chanel

6Slugz says:

GET AT ME 4 BEATS💰💰💰💰💰💰💰

johnathan plays games says:

Oh lol I thought he said slatt not Chanel

4rein Gotti says:

For the culture that Tee 🔥🔥 shoutout thug Slime language

Michael Oppmann says:

January 1st tho!!!!

Technews says:

They sound like retards and look like retards as well.

nobiupnext says:

thug is the most melodically creative rapper we’ve ever seen

Hermish Wagner says:

Russ still takes an L for this fam

JAYHII Clasy says:

This where I stamp young thug as a god and a legend

Korey Henderson says:

When you as a music channel tries to explain some of the most simplistic shit it’s a true sign of where we are as far as Hip-Hop you don’t have to force content it’s like y’all are pulling songs from a hat 😂😂😂

iidatguy7 says:

Anyone notice lil baby in guwop

Nick Kemp says:

Crazy how thugger inspired niggas like Mozart and Beethoven

FelixFamous says:

Young Thug Is the most creative vocalist of this generation ‼️ IDC What You Say ⚠️

Michael Jean says:

Dirty Shoes is the best song

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