Yella Beezy, Quavo, Gucci Mane "Bacc At It Again" (Official Music Video)

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Connor Gjurasic says:

everything i just said could be completely wrong, but because i spent the time to type these comments has got to resemble something

Connor Gjurasic says:

this whole video is about flexing cash and jewlery, may not even be all theirs. All people who watch this video only see the finished production of all the time it took to make this video. There are way better music videos out there. Yella Beezy keep doing what you want but, you are nothing new, and that is why you wont last as long a Quavo. Add something different to your videos or your just another short lived guy that fades away, even though you have probably spent years trying to blow up, nothing unique is showing from those years of work, except for how ordinary you are

Connor Gjurasic says:

you know 5 maybe 10 years from now i hope our current kids generation wont want to be like this in their 20s/30s. Hopefully they focus on other things that will actually be worth their time instead of this kind of "fake fame" that may only last a year or if theyre extremely lucky longer, then theyll be back to playing on their phone, waiting to see "whats poppin" with their fake friends that they made on their glorific rise in celebrity fame. it's all for the looks. ya they perform at concerts, which are fun for everyone, but they need to stop making it all about cash and jewlery(you dont even want cash in your hand, put it in a bank or somewhere that it can grow).

Dante's Guide says:

I want old Gucci back

Leon Jackson says:

Blowing the streets up 🔥

Boo Baeface says:

I swear i could here Nicki killing this beat!! #ComeOnQueen #KillUsWitARemix

Tripleb19 says:

I see you quavo 1:13

Glirian Orellana says:

Love this song well all of them

ɨ ʟɨӄɛ ȶǟƈօֆ ֆզʊǟʀɛ ʊք says:

Hit blue if ya luv QUAVO

Justin Hannigan says:

This is tha shizzznit!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Dj Mig says:

Why they stay in front of a pyramid. … hmmm🙎

Dj Mig says:

Why gay rappers always gangsters. .. gtfoh sell out illuminati puppets

Derrick Givens says:

If you don’t like this you we’ll die young

68DPM says:

dang, bro head all deformed…at least he getting money

Sherrell James says:

Video is mediocre like they just through something together at the last min, thought it was a parody at the beginning.

Pandora Bonsu says:


Omar Valencia says:

Aye we up one yella bezzy trap boy freedy puttin on for Dallas

Saifeddine ' says:

I can't stopping 💟💟🚬🚬🚬
Like if u feel like me..!!!!
GucciMane I need u in my cmmnt, if u love ur fans… Like fans fans fans

Marafi Zeeneldeen says:

this song is actually lit

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