YANINA Haute Couture Fall 2016 Paris by Fashion Channel

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The legend of the bird of happiness

What does happiness look like? A gracious peacock? A luminous firebird? A phoenix resurging again and again…
There exists a legend that only a person with pure thoughts and led by a dream throughout their life, can see the bird of happiness. The divine light gives them that very thing they are longing for deep within their heart.
In this new Yanina collection, the magical image of a bird appears in every piece of clothing. The eyes of a peacock is a symbol of wisdom and contemplation. By transferring the peacock’s image to the collection, we enhance each dress with magic and “energetic” power! Beautiful feathers are embroidered and spread lavishly all over the unique dresses to form neat rows of “peacock eyes” which shine like the bright colors of the rainbow. This is the result of hours-long work, intricate work of skilled seamstresses. The strict geometric pattern in patchwork style combines all the possible tints of color, there are 365 of them as stated in the legend (like the number of days in a year).
To maintain this powerful energetic message, the designer focused deeply on colors and how they are significant to each woman. She offers a new and secret weapon for women to handle elaborate situations and their emotions. The colorful part has become the centre of the collection as it reflects the powerful palette of love, strength, passion and success.
This is no doubt inspired by Bakst, Somov, Bilibin and many other talented illustrators of Russian fairy tales.
The other color we offer is black, however it does not mislead the soul of the collection. It in fact underlines its quality and excellence. The sobriety of the crow wing part is softened with the delicate embroidery, created by using various techniques: applique, draperies, cord embroidery and satin stitch. The significant component in the couture collection, as always, is the models-icons of the Fashion House. The branded overcoats with embroidery made of cashmere and silk velvet resembles to the Russian royal luxury and boyar attire, betraying the author’s love for tradition and the beauty of Russian national costume.
Each mini cocktail dress is a masterpiece and of course, the famous and very elegant evening gowns which have become unforgettable and a key part of Yanina’s collection. These essential pieces contain the traditional brand style, combining modern conciseness and refinement. These exquisite and alluring dresses traditionally close the evening as they leave the audience mesmerized by the weightless feathers and sparkle that create the collection’s radiance and beauty.
It can be safely confirmed that Yanina’s collection contains everything that a woman desires: love, energy, happiness, refinement, and luxury. This is essential in order for any woman to feel strong and confident. Although, haute couture does not entirely reflect the reality, it tries to integrate everyday life and the opportunity to dream. You can create the scenario of your own fairytale.

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Uma coleção com composições de peças harmônicosas com cores em destaque a cór preta lindas : vestidos que são semelhantes a obras de arte vestido em télinha com relevós em forma de um pavilhão visualmente lindo no gram final um vestido de noiva lindo uma coleção maravilhosa

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so artistik bravo amazing.spasibo greece athens

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What's the first song

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