Y – DIRECTOR'S CUT MIX – Yves Saint-Laurent – VO

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miyahtallulah says:

Too long. Repetitive, so lacks intensity

Di Kiddo says:

David Alexandre Flinn looks savage af… I fell in love with this video 💋

Joaquim G. says:

I really like this Ad. Why? It's something personal.

Oleg Petrov says:

It's not UAY!
It's YGREK!😁

Fred Harvengt says:

Les temps ont bien changer ou l'ont prenez des model de tous milieux sociaux pour autant qu'il soit beau pour vendre, désormais ce milieux est envahi par les héritiers de famille industrielle et les profs d'université , juste pour associer leurs marques avec un nom qui fait intelligent. Je trouve qu'ils y a tellement de personnes belle est de milieux normal sur instagram… et qui aimerait bosser pour ses marques, vraiment décevant que tout devient si élitiste or que la majorité des fondateurs de ses entreprises n'ont même pas un diplôme, vraiment honteux.

Ricardo Magalhaes says:

There are 3 protagonists in this video, 3 real people: an artist, a professor and a rapper. And each one has a different story

Juana Viera Saavedra says:

Zxbdyy4. Re ver de nuevo. .wgd

Daniil Komarov says:

Motorcycle name?

CatarinaCabral says:

Very interesting men… :]]]]]]

TurboNeon says:

The juice is sooo good! Too bad the performance is not..

Romy Rachel Hermens says:

Who is the guy with the freckles? 0:20

Pamela Jason says:

Love this commercial. Great message and song.

Cherish aning says:

I Love the music if someone no the music pleas 😇😅😨😨

Jose Luis Alvarez says:

Loyle Carner – The Isle of Arran

The World of Sparta: w/Rorshach says:

'Y can break down walls.' NO. We need walls, no walls, no countries, no freedom to make music, advertising campaigns, perfume, for outside the walls are resource hungry enemies. You need walls to defend your family, your property, everything that you have strived for and worked so hard to obtain. Ask Israel. Ask your neighbours if they want to live without walls. Ask yourself. Do you live in a communal tent? Do you want to. Of course not. You have walls for a reason. So stop the knocking down walls nonsense. When you live in that communal tent, and if things go well for you (they won't) come back to me, and then we can talk.

Simon Holland says:

😂😆😭 Y is this an ad ? Thought this was a fragrance ad spoof haha even funnier to find out it's not 😭😂 who comes up with this shit haha

Alban Laurent says:

Thank you @Madame Poulet

Alban Laurent says:

Thank you @Olya

Alban Laurent says:

I would like to know the music? Anyone?

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