Xanman – Gucci Down (Official Music Video) Dir. @Waxbando

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Xanman – Gucci Down: https://Xanman.lnk.to/guccidown

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Directed and edited by Wax Bando

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Zxch says:

Here before 50k and 1 mil coming soon

Shade' E says:


Its Guwap says:

Here come all the dub smash dancers 💃✋👈🏽👌🏾☝🏾👉🏾🕺🏽

Kush Tv says:

That Snake Edit 🔥🔥

Blxckhxt says:

he sound like niba

CoondoNumbaNine says:

Hoodie tight as shit, jeans big as fuck. Can swag in video so damn ass foo😂😂😂😂😂

dtxdarius says:


INSOMNIAC productions says:

Hell of a year coming his way

ToxicBrazy says:

🔥 🔥fire

tashun` miller says:

Yo This my son xan year

Ma N*gga says:

Xanmannnnnn On killlll 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💪🏿🌹

moon man rx says:

feel likes hes actually pussy in person lol just the vibe he gives

Darius says:

bout time ya come home

Rey Miles says:

When you 👂 to gunna for the influence.

Cancer # says:

This nigga stole Abg Neal’s dance

Matt Faloon says:

Change your name 😂

MeloDrippy says:

I hope xan man gets his real recognition , him and manny

Complex Savage says:

This gon blow up

N 0 8 0 D Y says:

G U ¢ ¢ | D0 w π

RetroTV1 says:

Needed drop a midnight visual

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