Women Transform Their Looks With Bangs

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Three women take a leap of faith to get bangs from a celebrity hairstylist.

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01_Got To Tell You
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Tiffany Lee

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Ava Joy says:

The girl at the beginning looks just like Taylor swift anyone else?? Starting at 0:07

Tabassum Ali says:

I cut my own bangs and I cried right after

Hello It’z me says:

I want bangs now. 🙁

Frida Nilsson says:

01:30 her eyes

Otaku Gaming says:

I actually got bangs. And now, if I put a beanie on and stuff my hair in it, I can look like a boiiiiiiiii

I need my Taehyung oppa says:

My Maggie is everywhere😂😘

Question Mark? says:

The girl with blonde hair looks older with bangs

its_urgirl kaykay says:

bangs make me have a awkward part in my hair it goes bangs then a side part on. the left side but also older idk if i want them or naw

Noely Mojarro says:

I have bangs I was born with them …. MY FOREHEAD IS A VOLCANO IN THE SUMMER

Emma’chamberlains Coffee says:

I have bangs and I love them but now I look like a 10 year old and I already looked like a 13 year old (I’m 15 ) But they are so cute ☺️❤️

Blurryink says:

I’ve had bangs in the past, grew them out and then cut them again, this pattern repeated for 10 years. I hate them so much, I have a pretty round face and bangs will just make it look fatter and growing them out sucks! I hate having hair on my face and when having a fringe their always slightly poking your eyes or giving you itchy eyebrows. Can’t even slip on a headband to push it out of the way because it’s too short. My mom loves it so I always bear it for her, haven’t had bangs for 4 years and my mom is begging to cut it again. Not anymore lol

Izzy Amorello says:

The blonde look KILLER with bangs

Monique Van Niekerk says:

1:38 she looks the same

maria says:

i love the woman in the purple hair.

Poupée Délicate says:

You know, all my life I've heard so many comments on "how difficult it is to take care of bangs", on how they "give you acne", on how "they are unflattering", and yet, I've had them all my life and I've never had a problem. I've never had acne, I've never looked unflattering, and I've never trimmed them too short. Of course, in East Asian culture, bangs are very prominent, and I think they actually suit me, since my fashion style is very ingenue-esque; think of Lolita fashion, "Alice in Wonderland" aesthetics, etc. Of course, different people have different styles, and my bangs happen to suit me. Different strokes for different folks, as they say.

Fun fact: my friends IRL call me their Disney princess/Barbie movie heroine waifu lol. 😀

Fifi fabulous Gaming says:

Good look getting it good in the morning #bangspeopleproblems

Harley And Rufus the best doggy says:

The one with brown hair don't have fringe (bangs)

Taleah Ibrahim says:

Who else thinks That the blonde girl looks a little bit like Taylor swift

Chloe Knows says:

I can’t do bangs never have never will

Lexi Day says:

In New Zealand we call it a fringe

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