Wiz Khalifa – Old Chanel (feat. Smoke DZA)

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Get tickets and VIP Packages to the Under The Influence Of Music Tour now! http://wizkhalifa.com/tour Old Chanel – Wiz Khalifa feat. Smoke DZA Filmed in Harl…

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ELJuggz says:

Come to west on maddison street chicago illinois! FUCK BOI!

Elton Deto says:

put that iphone down fool dont try and instagran the only put i really like 

James Metni says:

This is awful.

Stoner Simpson says:

I Respect Wiz. He’s Been In The Game For Awile Now

Bobby SaysSo says:

Juicy J should’ve been on this too

Stoner Simpson says:

I just want Wiz to sing! Lol

Onoff314 says:

hahaha niggaz niggaz niggaz… your a gimp for using that word.

Juicy High says:

Money changes lifes he was broke then now he rich and he aint changed that much compared to alot of other rappers

Dmytro Kovalenko says:

reminds me GTA2 soundtrack

ELJuggz says:


Babic170 says:

Adlibs ruin these slow as fuck songs… they don’t need em

EricsonOscar says:

The beat is dope, want an instrumental version..

MrTestreetz says:

I can’t see myself buying any new Wiz album. Lyrically he fell off so fucking hard, all he raps about is materialistic bullshit.I U’d listen to Spitta over Wiz anyday! Wiz is garbage now

MrKracek says:

Wiz, you don’t look good.


next month ima see atleast 10 niggas rockin that earring

luxury89 says:


adtthosa says:

Nice beat….I dig this one

jared ballard says:

What are those earrings called? The cross one thats hanging down?

eric ortiz says:

Respect to wiz he’s different that shits dope mayne..

marcia barcelo says:


Nathan Manies says:

lol that’s what he tweeted 

Erik Limon says:

This sound like some Jimi Hendrix guitar play, can’t wait for his next album, Blacc Hollywood, shit funnah be dope

MtnDewAH0LIC says:

“I rock old shit now”

lilrizq says:

DZA came wit the dope lyrics, Wiz came wit the dope Flow and Hook game. The beat’s dope, the vid is hood. Always dope when the JETS X TGOD come together. #BlaccHollywood

Anthony Biggie says:

SO HiGHHHH old chanel man Real shitt #yabish

JackLikesSkatebords says:

your prolly to white to understand anything b

Joseph Powers says:

ya cause wiz cant afford pasta….

storm325 says:

how these niggas talking about eating pasta, and they at a kennedy fried chicken corner store eating ghetto kfc…smh..

storm325 says:

shout out to trayvon martin r.i.p., it’s gonna be a hot summer if they don’t find dat muthafucka Zimmerman guilty!!!!! but yo on a sidenote is dat a chanel snapback wiz rocking? nice track, I just don’t care for smoke dza, mac miller or currency should’ve been on this instead.


“Eating pasta with my team” *Takes bite out of chicken*

Lisa Beckom says:

I love wiz…….

blueangelsletsgo says:

This really sucks.. Make more stuff like paradise.

cristian sandoval says:

Wiz is one of the only rappers that isnt trying to make demonic music videos.

knightshooper11 says:

I fucks with this!!

UGKisback says:

Why everyone trippin’ bout this being different…as if you don’t like everything he makes

scr34m1ng says:

hahahaha so true

Medicated415 says:

Smoked One To This… #TGOD

Emenaior says:

How do you know?

Trevor Dunham says:

I was eating chicken to this

Zack Caplan says:

Damn Slick. You coulda used me on this project. Checkout my site… look for music video Millan – Don’t waste my time. That was last year im bigger and better now. Respect.

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