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I am hoping my opinions on the bags that i sold don’t offend anybody! I am very picky on my bags that i pay and keep the bags so i am just here to tell you g…

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seattle_dove says:

Thanks for sharing dear! Maybe you also would like to us your current
collection, and why you keep them, how do you like each of them? Personally
I really also hope to see which bags work as a mom/diaper bag from your

Autumnsnowflake23 says:

Can you tell us in your description box where you sell/sold your bags and
how much you actually sold for? Thanks.

Katherine D. says:

So very interesting to hear why you don’t like the bags because your
perspective and opinions are so valid. Keep up the good work. Your videos
are fun to watch.

Tiffany Cheng says:

Which website do you go sell your bags ? 

Suzy Rouman says:

Thank you so much for addressing this . I greatly appreciate your detailed
approach 🙂 . Really learn a lot which is very helpful . Wish you and your
family a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year ❤️

Imen B says:

I find your videos super helpful Unnie, honestly!! I’d love to know your
top 10 or top 5 favourite bags and why.
Thank youu beautiful ❤️

Mer Marbel says:

Thank you for making this video, it was really very nice to know the
reasons behind each decision! I have been thinking about getting the GST
for years now, but every time I try it on in the boutique it just doesn’t
feel right, the shoulder straps really bother me too. Then the Cerf tote…
it looks gorgeous but it is a pity that it looses its shape eventually.

michelle haywood says:

great video! it’s good to realize when things don’t work for you and to
sell or return…. no sense having things and not using them. i’ve
downsized my collection considerably, i now love and use every bag i have –
my new rule is if i get another bag something has to go and i love my
current bags so much i can’t part with anything… lol!!

Raspberry Penny says:

Very helpful information! Thank you

CapeCodBelle says:

Your video was very helpful! I know you listed your Chanel WOC and card
case on Instagram, but I’m curious about the rest of your bags. Did you
sell them on eBay or another way? I like how you look at your bags as an
investment or as a functional piece of your wardrobe, rather than as a
collector. With LV and Channel it’s easy to become addicted to adding more
handbags and SLG’s than a person really needs.

Mary Hanson says:

This video was VERY helpful. Could you please please make a video on what
styles of handbags DO work for you. Forgive me if you’ve already made such
a video. I watch all of the videos I can of yours:).

LiLi W says:

Great review & your reasons are very justifiable. I am the same with being
so particular about my handbags too, so that’s why I am so indecisive!!! I
am glad I chose a Bvlgari piece over the Chanel GST because the hardware on
the GST is quite heavy. At the moment, I am trying to choose between the
Brea MM in Vernis and the Montaigne BB…
I am very worried about gettingbwatermarks on the Brea MM because I don’t
like to baby my pieces too much…any advice? <3

Joana Suh says:

Great opinions on why you sold your bag. I’m selling my Louis Vuitton Alma
PM in Amanrante vernis and want to buy a white epi bag. What do you
recommend? I’m thinking maybe brea MM or petit noe. I prefer structured and
top handle bag.The only thing is coz I have a 11 months old son I need a
bag that has shoulder strap. Would greatly appreciate your opinions.

Liz S says:

I appreciate how detailed you are in your reasons for selling the bags. I’m
just as picky and think about the future look of a bag. It gives me
something to think about because I want the Chanel GST and the reason I
haven’t yet is because of the sag. I will use this as a reference. Thanks
for sharing your experiences!

KatieKate says:

Thanks for the informative video. I have the Chanel GST also and have the
same strap falling issue. One of my favorite structured Louis Vuitton bags
that I have is the Wilshire MM. It’s a great bag.

Lovelle says:

Great video, it’s interesting to hear about your bags. I do agree with all
the points made. It’s important to have what you really love and not just
have lots of bags you don’t use. Thanks xx

Travel Addict says:

Thanks for sharing. I totally agreed with u. I bought the jumbo caviar
chanel flap bag. OMG… i luv it but i wasnt happy about it. After 1 day
used, it digged & left red mark on my shoulder. I dont know how people can
carry that. I only put 1 small card holder & phone. That’s it. I keep
thinking about it & I ended up returning it coz I dont want to spend so
much money on something that will hurt or make me unhappy. I felt like i
just want to drop it on the floor all the time. so i bought WOC golden
class & Luv it. 😉 yes, GST doesnt work on me either. LOL! anyway, great

Pikot says:

Interesting, and great info cos i was thinking of getting the GST but its
good to onow the cons of specific handbags. Thanks for sharing.

Bonafidedrivel says:

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. You have brought up some
‘issues’ that are worth considering for me. I value your opinion. Thanks
again. Have a great day today. x

Aussie Dee Ward says:

Thanks for this video, it just goes to show that even Louis Vuitton bag’s
have their problems. I have owned quite a few styles myself and I found
design flaw’s with mine as well.

yan zong says:

Great opinions on the bags, I’m sure a lot of people will benefit from your
review. You got some designer scarfs in your collection, I’m wondering if
you can do an video on them?:)

christine zhao says:

thanks for sharing !! it was really helpful and the details information
your provided is just amazing..!! 

Lily Bonelli says:

Thanks for sharing! Love the video! Xooxoxoxo!

Bee Rachael says:

Interesting video – it’s always good to see what didn’t work for people x

Eui young Kim says:

I really enjoyed the video. It is very helpful. Thank you! I would be that
picky if I were to be paying a lot of money for something. If it’s not a
problem can you also talk about the small goods that you sold?

ddgladiva says:

Great video. Very informative. I agree, if something isn’t working for
you no sense of keeping it just to have all that money just sitting in your
close getting no use. You may as well sell it and get something that
you’ll actually like and use. I’m think I’m about to sell a few things in
my own closet that I’m not getting great use of

lylarush says:

Thanks for filming this video. It is very helpful because we can’t easily
return goods like in the US. So I need to be absolutely sure before I buy
it. I’m also like you. I like structured bags. I would also not get the GST
for the same reason that it would slouch over time and the shoulder straps
keep falling off would drive me crazy. 

Ailili D says:

Hello! Where do u sell ur bags? Thanks! :)

sandy hsyu says:

Can I ask where do you sell them to? I have a few I am thinking of selling
too. Thanks.

LadySusan Jane says:

Really enjoyed this video and hearing your honest opinions. Can you do a
video on your current collection or most loved/used bags? Thank you.xxx

effa haniza says:

Love love watching this kind of video! Points are justifiable, thoughtful
reasons. Like you, I like my bags to be more structured. Most of the bags
you mentioned are not in my list. So glad! Ive narrowed down my list and
I’m happy with it. Cant wait to get all of them!!! ☺️☺️ But I’m gna keep
saving first!

Clara l says:

Thx so much for making this video! I can totally relate when it comes to
buying bags. LOL. I was gonna ask if you could do a bag collection or
recommended designer bags video, then I found your 2014 collection video.
My next one to watch :)

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