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Another highly controversial Hermes Birkin related topic that I feel the need to address because I am so sick of seeing all the hatred and shaming around this subject matter. In fact, I am shocked that no one that I know of, has addressed this yet. Getting a Birkin is special, it should be. But there is no need to put other people down just to let that “special-ness” sink in. Absolutely no need.

Yes, it’s super difficult to get a Birkin due to limited supply and too much demand, but getting a Birkin doesn’t make you a better human being. Getting a Birkin from your home store, aka local store, does not make you of higher class, or character. It’s a bag. If you want to buy the bag from your local store, then good. If you want to buy it from Paris, also good. If you want to buy it from Fashionphile, or other resale platforms, then I also do not have any issue with that. What is up with shaming people just because they want to buy the same bag differently? We all have different reasons of why and how we want to buy our belongings. Some people do it because of popularity, others do it for style. Some do it for practicality, while others do it for convenience. These different reasons shape our decisions in deciding where to purchase our bags, Birkins or Kellys in this case.

Sure, buying Birkins and Kellys from your local store probably means you spent more time and money before getting your Birkin offer. Maybe you like the wait. Maybe you think the wait makes it more special. Good for you. But why shame others who do not like to go through the same wait, and pay the same premium for Birkin baits and taxes?

I have a feeling that this will somehow turn into the old money v. new money debate. So be it. If people are so interested in turning a simple bag buying preference to a societal class discussion, then they will do so. In my opinion, however, a bag is just a bag. Yes, a rare, hard to get, and quite expensive bag… but still a bag, after all. You don’t have to be a billionaire to get a Birkin. You don’t, at least no longer have to be, super famous to get a Birkin. As long as you show love and respect for Hermes and people who work for Hermes, you will have a higher chance of scoring a bag. If you have to be the traditional “old-money, buy lots of Birkin baits, and wait a long time before scoring a Birkin” customer to score a Birkin, then I’m sure the Paris flagship door would not even open their doors for business.

As always, I welcome healthy discussion. By that I mean no personal attacks, name-calling, or verbal aggression of any sorts.
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Alexander kach says:

Why people can't just be happy with other and enjoy the beauty of the bag without jealousy or bring other down.

Iveagh 32 says:

so true. i am at the present hopeful to purchase a birkin from my local small store.

as you say i have read and heard so much about "building the relationship and making purchases first" i went in to the store about a month ago and purchased a belt and a bangle – which i only did because i wanted them. I have now made it known that i want a birkin and left my details.

however if an implication is made that i need to purchase more items then i will be abandoning my interest because while i would really love a birkin to add to my collection i refuse to spend 000's on items i dont actually want just to get one……. Great video…

tango2u says:

I agree with everything you said in the video and would not worry about what others think

Melanie Vitale says:

i play their game but i only buy things i like e.g twillys scarves leather/enamel jewellery & shoes. but i also buy from resellers and preloved market. really at the end of the day i dont care how someone buys their B K C only thing i hate is really overinflated price on new bags by resellers like 200% markup on Euro purchased bags just pisses me off… i refuse to pay that kind of markup. 160% or there abouts i am ok with on a new bag.

V L says:

Is there a restriction to buy a bag at Herme? Stores should be pursued customers to purchase their goods. Things go out of dated and wear/tear through time but not money. I agreed with you!

Vini Johnson says:

Cherry, you have many years ahead of you. Don't let negative comments get to you. I'm 58 yrs old and have 19 "luxury" handbags in my collection and of course a wishlist. I don't own a Hermes handbag and not planning to get one at all but it makes me happy to see people purchase and unbox items such as yours because we all know how much they have wanted and saved for it. To each their own. Wear it well!

susan watanabe says:

not really that if you like a brand you have to like everything. absolutely agreed with what you have said on this video. i also don't like to play the hermes game/

Michelle Thorson says:

Seriously, great video and your logic is so right on!
Good for you going to Paris and cutting out the American SA. It's a purse, yes a very nice purse however, still a purse.
If you want it you shouldn't have to play the Hermes game unless you want to. I guess you know how to play the game better than most. Good for you.

rimfrost55 says:

Interesting video. I didn't realize that some people had the opinion you're talking about. I hope your experience at Hermes Paris was wonderful and that you had a nice time in London

cap4life1 says:

I disagree with you 100% but still liked your video because you gave your honest opinion. I see where you're coming from, and it's a very modern way of looking at luxury. I'm more old school – there's something special about buying directly from the boutique, helping the SAs by giving them commission (supporting their livelihood directly) and getting to know them so that you're top of mind when they have special inventory.

Mads Bukowski says:

One word that drives the hater dictators: jealousy. Good video.

vivian george says:

hi cherry am a subie  discovered your channel last night, can't stop watching all your vids am not a fan of Hermes. Honestly really don't care about Hermes in generalI love your vids because you are somebody I can relate to.I don't really leave comments on peoples channels, just watch vids and click a thumps up for itbut after listening to you I decided to  leave a few wordDon't let anybody (Online or in person) guilt you into thinking what you are doing is wrongnot everybody is going to agree with you in everything you say or do in life.PS: I LOVE VIDEO

Chee Lovell says:

I truly agree with you .You are REAL and not like those who are soooo FAKE lol

Cyph3r -xx- says:

I buy wherever I want, the store, online, resellers – who knows or cares when you're wearing what you actually like and want? I spend my money on things I like, period. Good video.

Linda Parrilla says:

Agree! I read the TPF and lots of those people seemed upset that one can get a bag by walking in (even with the queue). Like you said they one new fans to pay their dues.

Ian Lin says:

all very valid points!! Not sure why people have such strong opinions on whether one is a true Hermes fan or not. Its so silly!!

PreMeYumLife says:

Girl u can buy anything anywhere u want cuz it's UR OWN money!!! People r just jealous n hating. ?? I love ? too my pretty sista! ???Sandy

Fei Lobriza says:

Totally agree with you Cherry!!

MisterBassBoost says:

Good! Keep it up!

MisterBassBoost says:

Nice video man!

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