WHY I CHOSE FASHION + How To Choose Your Major | Natalie Barbu

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This video I bring my roomie, Ali on to talk about why she chose to be a Fashion/ Textile major! College choosedays are BACK!!! leave your requests!

Ali’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8eDkvbKjjQo4QLjDLl4Hug
Ali’s instagram: @alivelas

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Editing hacks and title that I used for my video is from Gabrielle Marie!


Let me know if you want to see any college vlogs, high school advice, college advice, any other get ready with me videos, makeup tutorials, or other back to school makeup looks, or back to school outfits/lookbook. Along with any videos about greek life, sororities, fraternity parties, frats, what to wear in college, or anything like that! OR… MORE TRAVEL VLOGS?! Always looking to travel more 🙂

This video is all about business, how to choose your major, economics major, what classes you take in college, college experience, college majors, college tips and tricks, etc.

FTC DISCLAIMER: This video is not sponsored.

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warhol cow says:

These videos are helpful! Thanks!

Be awesome :3 says:

do you have to be a pro for draw in skills?

Be awesome :3 says:

what is the other girl major?

julieusername says:

I love this series. I think it's so informative and interesting. Please do psychology and law

BubbaCrane says:

This is why women make less than men. Dudes are studying STEM. While wine are studying suicidal science, fashion and other low paying high unemployment majors. Because it's easier.

Anna Ahmed Khan says:

Art and Psychology major please!

Erin Reallyy says:

Do an Archaeology and Creative Writing!

Sophia Nguyen says:

Can you please do Computer Science?

MakeupBri15 says:

love this! i'm a fashion major too, well retail merchandising and product development is my actual major!

Meleuh Fobellah says:

Please do pre-dentistry or medicine!!

Abigail Shanae says:

Please do a video on veterinary medicine. A major that help you with becoming a vet.

Victoria Li says:

Please do graphic design!

Ale says:

Could you do a political science or government

Mariela Avila says:

I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to do and these videos are super helpful

Haley McGehee says:

Could you try to do Environmental studies and Computer science?

Chaymae Ouahidi says:

Please do architecture

Amy Enid says:

Do mass communications 😭

Beyonce Mazo says:

Do you have anyone who does photography

Se Kwon says:

please do dental!

graceful.soull says:

please do education!!

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