Why do I have two LOUIS Vuitton Pochette Metis Bags!?!?

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Watch and here my story on how I ended up with not one but TWO of this hot bag!!

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toast burnt says:

Pooshette metis💩😂

Arzu ASMR says:

The "s" in both Louis and Metis is silent

Phoebe Fraser says:

Return the new one. As long as it’s not one mont old

katherine Ribbeck says:

There is a recall in pochette Métis , you should take it to the store the pre loved one and check if they can give you a credit and buy a different one. Read about it ,

Galina Vasyukh says:

Keep the new one & sell the older one on posh mark or fashionphile.. people offer less on eBay because it’s easier to offer/pay less for something they aren’t sure is real & eBay isn’t a designer site that is known/credible for selling designer.
Sell the bag on a site that will consign for you & authenticate it for the buyer .. that way people are more likely to buy if it’s guaranteed to be authenticated – usually any purchase over $500 is inspected by people the site uses.
You might lose some money but the person who sold it to you probably shouldn’t have sold it for the price of a new one if it’s 5 years old.. the years and pre loved market it’s pretty common knowledge they could have lost money & were hoping to pull one over on you.
Do some research before you sell it.. keep the new one & some people only buy preloved.. good luck !

sherry a says:

This person is really a moron

sherry a says:

If they're selling for the exact price as the new, one why would ebay ppl pay the same price, they wouldnt they'd buy it brand new themselves !


Keep the new one. You paid the same for both, might as well keep it and enjoy the fact that it’s brand new, especially for the amount you paid for it. The old one I’m sure will sell in time, sometimes it just takes time.

Edit: just realized this video is months old, I’m sure you made up your mind on one or the other.

Cindy says:

Put it on Fashionphile

Trace Trace says:

I would no doubt keep the new one ❤️ in fact I just got one last week 🙂 try to sell the prelove one for some discount.. 5 years is rather old I rather keep one I purchased direct from boutique.


VERY PETTY……. just send the new purchase back and enjoy the preloved bag…… simple…… even a preschooler could decide this for you….. WHY Would someone want to pay full retail for a pre-loved item when they can go into the Louis Vuitton store and have their own new purchase experience. I think it all boils down to the fact that you did not do your research before purchasing pre-loved items just take that as a lesson learned build a bridge and get over your loses…… take the best offer and 🏃‍♀️ I think you just wanted to make your 1st LV video

leopoldo ramirez says:

I wouldn’t even think twice. Ill keep the new one. The zipper pull at the back and some stitches on the interior have changed. And if you have the receipt for the new one, you can sell it in a much better price in the future if you decide to sell it. Its also under warranty for 12mos. So keep the fresh one

Sooz Pook says:

Thank you for the great video, which bag did you decide to keep? 🌸

NaomiFayz LV says:

Hi. Have you sold the bag yet

osh135 says:

Hi the canvas feels softer in the new one because Louis Vuitton changed their canvas over the last few years.

lvluxdelight says:

Hey love, I know what you mean about selling on Ebay and people offering ridiculous amounts of money. Are your pics really good?? I recently sold my damier ebene classic speedy 30 and put the money toward the same bag with the strap. I just used a set price and didn't accept offers. Do you have the receipt for the one you purchased on Ebay? That always helps…In the description, whenever I sell a bag, I take the details and product care of the bag from louisvuitton.com and add it in there. I would just do a search for "pochette metis", click on the mono one, and copy and that paste that info toward the bottom of your listing. Any history about where the bag was purchased helps too. I was able to sell mine in a few hours. Mine was in excellent condition like yours and you should be able to sell that bag for sure! New Subscriber..I'm hoping we can be friends on here? My channel focuses on Louis Vuitton/Inspiration and I love connecting with others that share the same appreciation for items like this ❤ Don't worry, it'll all work out and you'll get to keep the new one! I hope you're enjoying your beautiful! Xoxo

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