What’s my Line? Yves Saint Laurent

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What’s my Line? Yves Saint Laurent.

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Marla Singer says:

It just the way it was back then.

Rick Charles says:

I don’t think he swings that way.

achattykath says:

I think that was just the accepted social norm back then. The men stood to greet, the ladies waited to be greeted. Just like how men would rise anytime a lady would enter a room or exit a table.

momo5288 says:

Question why didn’t any of the ladies stand up to shake his hand while the men did?

Jorge Daniel says:

If I ever met him I would definitely have married him:)

littlemissdimples88 says:

Wow what a gentleman he is! So charming

krustykomedyklassic1 says:


Ana Holguín says:

so lovelyyyyyyy!

Jota Galvan says:

I almost cry  RIP God Laurent

pinkmeercatpink says:

I love Arlene Francis, she’s so great, she’s funny, intelligent, knowledgable of other languages and pretty.

Paulina Blažytė says:

he looks like such a sweetheart and such a kind man.

David Kelley says:

to jxgis: Daly’s raps were among the main appeals of the show in its time, especially his long-winded answer qualifications. The show started out in the early years of network television, lasted almost two decades, and was regarded as a fine example of good, witty, spoken English. We loved it!

kgersemi261 says:

Without John Daily and Arlene Francis the show is nothing.

5M4R71N0 says:

He was a hunk

jxgis says:

I know why this show is off the air now–John Daly talks too much.

ihsanunu says:

God! he’s so charming!

calalilygirl says:

I noticed he did love her speaking to him.

calalilygirl says:

Daly led them astray at one point in this one. Surpised they eventually guessed right.

Uberchick464 says:

what a lovely man…so sweet.

bobduvar says:

This video is so so touching.
Especially when Arlene Francis makes Yves say “Je suis enchanté de vous voir”.

Oh delighted…
Ooooh…. America revert to this period when you were smart, beautiful, great, delightful…
We love you like this….

abrahamcitooo says:

que guapo era ! YSL le dio el poder a las mujeres, Coco Chanel les dio la libertad.

windstorm1000 says:

because they don’t have any sense of humor about themselves. they’re pompous–they don’t compare to the stars of yesterday on any level.

windstorm1000 says:

love the double entandre on these shows–

windstorm1000 says:

WML is SO addictive!! One of the best things about YT!

Rocky Herman says:

The “fat guy” as you call him is Buddy Hackett, a very humble and polite man in person.

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