What’s it Like During Milan Fashion Week 2019 pt. 2 | Vlog #67

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Continuing along my Milan Men’s Fashion Week 2019 trip, follow me around as this time I take you guys to some of the fashion shows and show you how crazy a schedule can get.

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erwyn cubacub says:

I love this video. Great green jacket I love the evergreen color. I enjoy every minute of this video. I love the behind the scenes. Did you participate in the auction? Great color palette and cinematography. I love how creative you’re getting with your videos.

Manbate05 says:

Fabulous….more of these Marcel please….love your changing rooms!!!!

pyn0_0 says:

👍👍 keep it up.

Saif Kazi says:

keep doing what you're doing, it's different!

Letty Tomo says:

I looove your personality & goofy side as usual lol^^

Tejeshwar Singh says:

we need more vlogs like these… legit content… love it marcel

Kenoye Eke says:

Your color block hoodie at the end of the video is fire! Who makes that?

Thiago L says:

Thats actually one of my favorite series so far. That printed suit… jeez, i want those (blazer and pants)

I Main Talon says:

I've been to Milano several times, by far my favorite place in the world!

danielbreanne says:

Do video on how to wear white denim jacket

Max Polling says:

just did a mega catch up on your videos, I love how real you always are with us, and yet still so positive and funny and the looks are all sick! Also 200K subs already?! killing it dude, you the man!

Plant Based says:

Who makes that great chocolate brown jacket at minute 2:442:55 & minute 6:156:49? Love it!

Genesis Tejada says:

9:14 lol love it and question is it weird that I’m a female watching this

One Stylish G says:

I just started my YouTube Chanel if you guys wanna check that out

aspiro T says:

thanks for behind vlog, aptly synched with that guy from Ferragamo shorts, deja vu.

Nishan Jain says:

Great vlog!
You really are an inspiration

stevendchu says:

This is the best video with a man undressing in public that I've ever seen.
Can someone explain to me how Fashion week works though? Do these brands just loan Marcel clothes to wear to shows?

Cristiano Damas says:

Ostentação 👎

Stylebydillan says:

Really cool VLOG bro, nice insight! 🙂

Muhammad Shahroze says:

Hi, love from Pakistan. Great job!

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