What’s In My Purse?

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mackwhite226 says:

oooo I wanna get a Travalo! looks like it makes a perfect gift hehe:)

ohheyaliii09 says:

obsessed!!!! your so cute!!! & love the purse xxxxx

Georgina Fegan says:

I love your videos! I hope you don’t mind me asking but are you diabetic? X

Denise Arambula says:

Wow you don’t really use make up all natural! I don’t like make up either
so a bag is not just necessary to carry make up essentials you can just
throw anything necessary very helpful thank you! 

midnightGlisten says:

the lemon eos has spf in it! :)

TheHannahgf says:

The yellow EOS has SPF

Jessica Chanell says:

Love your purse! ❥

Kandasya L says:

i love that purse!

Kaidi Licon says:

Omg please tell me where you got that travel pill case? I’ve been looking
for one for months and can’t find one!!!

shivani98omg says:

I use the hand warmers too.the they are soooo good for winter sports like

Pam M says:

I feel the same way about the eos balms but I believe the lemon flavor is
the only flavor with SPF in it

Sheilla Wong says:

do you have diabetes?

MsMiikaykay says:

love you <3

PrttyBrwnEyez13 says:

I must get the Travelo!

Grace Herr says:

They have an eos lip balm with SPF 15 lemon drop

Haley Bolton says:

Hey I’m a diabetic!!!

Mimi Lovering says:

It’s pronounced “lox-E-teh”

FAITH KC says:

House tour! house tour!

HerroKerushii says:

awesome c:

FAITH KC says:

you are the best really pretty too :)

paulinanicole21 says:

Excedrins are the best for migraines. 

Brynn Victoria says:

I feel like everyone has that bag!!

insideoutbeautyy says:

*You are an inspiration to me and I hope my channel can be as amazing as
yours one day <3*

LagunaBeachLove10 says:

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