What’s in my Purse + Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 Azur Review

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Hey dolls! It’s been TOO long since I did a “What’s in my purse” video! Hope you enjoy. This tag video is one of my favourites to watch! Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 Azur Unboxing video: http://www.y…

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TheCarolina09 says:

Omg, i looove your hair! Btw i’m: Scar025 on twitter :-)

TinkaLittleFaith says:

I have the same bag and love it! Could you please let me know if you dye your own hair and if so please share what color you use, etc because I LOVE IT! TY!

iluvfaces1042 says:

7.8 lbs, however I do have some work papers in there because I’m telecommuting tomorrow

jayayecee94 says:

Love these types of videos. I always like to see if there’s other crazy women out there carrying everything including the kitchen sink in their bags. I have the LV Vernis Alma & I stuff that until its ready to burst. And the darker handles just show that it’s a very loved bag 🙂

wishlizz says:

Your video always makes me happy! Anyhow, I have LV Manhattan bag (GM). Boy! this bag is having. Saw Madonna ad on mags holding this bag years ago. No thinking getting another LV tossing between Neverful or Speedy? Any ideas? Please!

123meaghanb says:

Look into lovinmybags (just google!) they make a kit specifically for the vachetta leather on louis vuittons. It’s a cleaner, protector and conditioner. Makes such a difference!

123meaghanb says:

I just had my 2nd baby and am trying to lose 20 pounds also and have been working my ass off. Two things you NEED (seriously) 1. Myfitnesspal app for you iPhone 2. Fitbit one. Obsessed! Makes it sooo much easier to track what you are eating and how may calories you have burned. The two synch and its seriously awesome!

123meaghanb says:

I just had my second baby and ha

MissSamantha26 says:

I can’t even tell you how amazing that eyeshadow looks on you! Loved the vid girl

ladywithasong says:

Love the patina ! I just got a mono speedy bandouliere (35) in December and I’ve been longing for that rich caramel patina to set in. One sucky thing about the bandouliere is that I’m worried about the strap aging at the same rate as the rest of the bag. I don’t always wear the strap and then there is an extension to the strap that will totally look ridiculous if I don’t age it at the same rate. Ugh. I almost wish I’d saved the couple hundred and gotten a simple speedy.

brittany pickett says:

Omg I need the eye shadow you’re wearing!!!

deanne5253 says:

as much as i love the light leather handles…whenever i see them i always think “hm thats a brand new louis OR its fake.” at least with the patina i wouldnt judge you for a potential fake bag 🙂 hehehe i like the patina.

WreckItRobyn says:

Your videos are so funny! I had to subscribe! If you have time it would mean so much if you could check out my what’s in my bag/purse video and it’s my first ever video 🙂

Effie Han says:

LOL my bag is 19pounds~~~~~It has all my textbook~~~~>.<

whymett2011 says:

LOL I love your videos and OMG I was laughing so hard about the mower. I had a neighbor who would mow like clock work no matter the weather and I looked forward to rain not to hear him and of course he cut it then too. I was at a lose.

justdancingalong says:

Great video. You are so fun to watch always make me laugh.

Redhead Mare says:

You crack me up! LOVED this video!

Moochie589 says:

you should definitely go back to blonde, you look great with all colors but it wa any favorite by far! 😉

visceralanding says:

If you’re interested in losing weight in a supremely healthy & efficient way, look into “Eat to Live” by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. It’s awesome

fullscreenbeautique says:

You can’t go wrong with a classic bag like that! <3

chaivanillalily says:

I actually quite like the patina on the handles, you can tell it’s a well loved bag that way. I really enjoyed this video, I’m really curious as to what you carry in your makeup bag, would love to seee a video on that

chestnut638 says:

You can do it!And imagine how good you’ll feel. More energy for sure.

danielleisms says:

That is one cute bag! Girl, you have a nice bag collection!

28purplepink says:

Found them on EBay :)

28purplepink says:

Do you have the link for the Audi key cover?

28purplepink says:

I was hoping you we’re going to tell us about your cover for your Audi key, yay. I need one if those for mine. Thanks Emilie!!!

hausofkait says:

great vid, girlfran! the handles don’t look that dark, i feel that the lighter pattern makes them look darker than they appear. don’t fret!

MsLusciouslaura says:

“Sometimes I lie and say someone else is coming, but really I just put my purse on the seat” – I laughed so hard I spat my tea out!!

emmalaymla says:

What was in the makeup bag?

MSpanders10 says:

Love your bag, I think the Azur is beautiful! Like you I love to see what others have in their bag. Thanks for doing this video!

luvbecks8 says:

you look like spring!!

kristingehm says:

Holy moly my purse weighs 6.5 lbs!! lol I need to do one of these stat!! lol clean that bad boy out!! Thanks for sharing sister! xo Kristin

way2good2btrue says:

Love the chit chat style of this video 🙂 Prefer it to the more formal ones 🙂

ForeverKayy says:

You should get the damier ebene! mine still looks brand new

forever2day says:

How do you have a Pro Card? Are you a makeup artist?

kimmybaby35 says:

Lmao…sometimes I lie just so my purse can go in the seat!!! Luv it!!

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