What’s In My Purse | Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM!

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Hey guys you guys wanted to see what’s in my LV purse so of course I had to give you guys what you wanted!! Enjoy xoxo & also watch in 1080p 😀 ♡Thanks to a…

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Ms Darling Al says:

I’m interested in buying the brown Louis Vuitton how much was it? If you
don’t mind me asking! 

SweetPea101 says:

I love your purse girl, so cute. I really want me one. I always forget to
take my pills, I don’t know why I can’t remember. Aha. Amazing video
Keesha. ❤️

AllAbout Caprise says:

Great video, and love your bag!!

Brittany Barnes says:

i love the lip color u have on. Also, you gave me a few ideas for
organizing my bags a little better! Plus I’m nosy lol love u Keesha! :)

Val Go says:

can you do a review on those pills for you hair

NishaHudson says:

You should set an alarm so you know when to take your pills it worked for
me and I don’t blame Naysa about the mint because I hate mint gum it always
makes my stomach hurt so bad

Sandra Zamora says:

Check the title again girl

PrettyNflawed says:

loved this video =) I just uploaded the same kind of video if you would
like to visit.. Sunflower seeds Yummy =)

mensahgurl says:

loved this video

Rena LabEAUD says:

You should try manetabolism for hair growth! Its like hairfinity but w/o
the side effects.

Porcelain_Blak Doll says:

I loved the video can you do a girl talk on college, work, social and
personal. how you keeping it all together I know its a struggle because im
going through the same thing… love you

Lacrisha Williams says:

How much was the bag??

1820Bridgette says:

Just found your channel, and I love it! I’ve watched some of your other
videos, and I just want to tell you how much you inspire me! Stay strong,
and keep smiling! 

Adeola Adunni says:

Keesha, I just love your personality. 

Kayla K says:

What’s your Instagram? 

Carolie Richards says:

I learned a lot in this video. Cinnamon helps the brain. Definitely have to
try it.

Karla Paola says:

yay:) new purse video! these are my fave. Cute bag :)

Keesha Anderson says:
sharon cook says:

I have the same purse !!! I Love it !!! Great video !!!

ashleybadd18 says:

i love you keesha ❤

beauty s.o.s. says:

Omg you are still pretty I love these kinds of videos!!

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